Spraying out of a trailer?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Ryan Lightning, Oct 27, 2003.

  1. Ryan Lightning

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    Does anyone spray out of a trailer? I was thinking about setting one up for the spray business Im starting. My truck has a short bed, and I dont really want a spray rig on it all the time. Is there any reason a trailer is not good to use? I was thinking about a small enclosed, If I can find a cheap used 5 by 8 are 6 by 10
  2. Ric

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    I keep a fifty gallon set up on a small open trailer for special jobs. I find it very handy. When I first started out I had my tank inside my lawn trailer. There are many guys in my area that only use open trailers with even bigger tank set ups and they seem to like them. An enclosed trailer is real good Idea just unhook and lock up. You can also carry bag goods with a spreader. The only problem I ever had with a trailer set up was getting into and out of tight places that a truck could easily go.
  3. kickin sum grass

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    we used to have our sprayer on an open trailer. It was nice cuz it didn't have a truck tied up, but it was hard to get around on some properties. Backing in off a busy street or such. Not that it is much different that a mowing trailer. We used a 5 x 12 for a 300 gal. that gave enough room to put bags along both sides and a spreader on the back. Then we just backed it into the shop at night and didn't have to unload anything.
    We now have a dedicated spray truck that the tank stays on during the spraying months. We have built legs for the sprayer and slide it off the truck when not in use. I like the easy of having it on the truck. Much simpler.
  4. Prot1

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    I personally spray out of a trailer and i love it. We have both our tree/shrub sprayer and our lawn sprayer on one trailer. It allows us to use the entire bed of the truck and also we can switch trucks depending on whats needed. I am thinking about throwing a small 50 gallon sprayer in the truck for our deep roots only because im out of room on my trailer.

    As we grow im sure it will be necessary for us to split up our sprayers to be efficient. At this point though the trailer works great. Best of luck to you figuring out what works best!
  5. tennissippi

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    Here is a pic of my sprayer/trailer set-up.

  6. Stonewall

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    What kind of pump do you with your 50 gal. tank and what kind of pressure do you get?

  7. turfsurfer

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    I have thought about an enclosed trailer setup myself. My big concern with the size trailer (5x8 and cheap) you are talking about is the weight rating. The enclosed trailers weigh a good bit and you have to subtract that from the axle weight rating before adding tank weight. I do like the idea of the tank being locked up inside instead of being left on the truck at night and subject to vandalism. I found a way to at least lock my cap on so noone could pour anything in overnight. Yeah, I got paranoid overseas last year.

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