Spraying Pre on berm.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Wes Parker, Jan 23, 2020.

  1. Wes Parker

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    I need help on what I can do to help eliminate some of the summer broadleaf weeds on 2.5 miles of pinestrawed berms. The berms are about 8ft high with Wax Myrtles, Ligustrims and Loropetalums. Using Pine Straw as the ground cover. About 5500 bales of pine straw will be laid in March. I have never applied a pre over old Pinestraw before and I’m not sure of its effectiveness. Also the price of doing this isn’t in the contract and I will have to eat it all. However if I could save on spraying Gly throughout the season that should help offset that price a little. Even if I did this in only the areas that are the worst for weeds it may help or am I just stuck spraying Gly every week or 2 throughout the summer?
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    Gallery would probably be ideal, but likely too expensive for you to eat. Surflan would be a very good option. Much more affordable and a great product.
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  3. kemco

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    Whatever pre you go with get it down before the new straw.
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    I would use a skid or mini and scrape the berm to level it out with rest of lawn. Much less work and better result
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    The trick with pre is it's need to be watered in. If water isn't available timing with rain and max amount of carrier will be your best bet. Apply before new straw goes down. You'll most likey need a 2nd application sometime mid summer.
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  6. Digitaria Sanguinalis

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  7. Atlantic Lawn

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    Ouch, Casaron is some pretty harsh stuff, we haven't used it in maybe 20 yrs. One thing I remember was treating some beds and a guy walked through the bed when we had finished, and then down in to the turf, well a few weeks later you could see his footprints in the turf. My point is use with caution and have any workers read the label too. Also a word of caution about spraying gly. repeatedly around Crapes they don't seem to like it in some instances. I do like pinestraw, looks good and does not retain the moisture like mulch. 5500 bales is that like a 1.5 tractor trailer loads ?
  8. Elite Turf

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    Specticle. 9oz/A
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  9. CorgiTurf

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    Sureguard is good, doesn’t have tendency to move
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  10. OP
    Wes Parker

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    5500 bales is that like a 1.5 tractor trailer loads ?[/QUOTE]
    It has been taking 2.5 tractor trailer loads.
    I see you guys have recommended about 4 or 5 different Pre’s all of which I have used except the casaron. The reason I asked the question is because I have never sprayed over the top of pine straw before. I have an irrigation system with heads on both sides of the berms. So water is not an issue. I have a 50 gallon skid and an ExMark spreader sprayer. For sure I could use the skid by having a driver and driving along the berms while someone walks and I could use the spray wand to some extent on the ExMark and it only take 1 person. Would it be correct to use the same amount of pre as if it was being applied to turf or would you go stronger on that mix because of the straw?

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