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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by wrestlingcoach, Oct 22, 2003.

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    Continuation of the previos question on help of starting a new program.. ..
    My partner has his degree from Ok State U (#1 ranked in wrestling by the way) in horticulture but he is now a teacher/ wrestling coach like me. So in our part-time business is expanding. We are now practicing on our lawns. I have an acre yard and I followed the VAGUE directions on the jugs. Such AS use 2-2.5 pints( 3-way) per acre and mixed in a 40 to 200 gallons on water per acre, the sticker agent 1-3 pints per 100 gallon, Simizine put 2 quarts per acre with the minimum 15 gallons per acre. ..... .. .. .. So I put 2qts of Simizine,2 pts of 3-way & 2pts of stickers in 100 gallons of water And it took me evry bit of the 100 gallons of water on my 1 acre lawn. DOES THIS SOUND RIGHT?
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    My son was a state qualifer at 103 his senior year. No we are not big people.

    To help you we need to know what species turf and what species weed you are after.

    Since you are new here let me ask the favorite question. Are you Licensed in Pesticide application? Many States you can simply buy a license after a very simple test. However some States require you know what you are doing and require you to work under a licensed pesticide operator for a period of time. If you are not licensed get with your county extention agent to find out how to get a license.
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    Hey there coach, watch out for Ric. He is full of questions. But important ones.

    Jim might have answers for you. Click on the link in my sig line, and the bottom of that page has a link to pesticide training and regulation in all states. You might want to check out your OK state turf foundation (on that first page) before you chase after the pesticide info.

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