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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by pclawncare, Feb 14, 2007.

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    I had a friend of mine ask me today about some spraying. He does alot of bermuda hay grass that is cut and bailed as feed for cattle. He was asking me if he could spray round up right now and kill some johnson grass that he has that has come into his bermuda. I dont know much about this kind of thing so i though i would ask. Also another question. I got a formula from a buddie of mine that does turf spraying and is licend. He said befor the bermuda comes out spray amine 2-4d and round up( i use the off brand just as good). I know round up kills all the weeds that have sprouted and are leafed out and green. I am assuming that the 2-4d is a pre emergent am i correct? Is this a good formula for spraying bermuda turf? Any sugestions or changes that you would make would be appriciated
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    Oh boy , are you gonna get it .
    Here's the deal , all the question you have asked are on the label .
    Please , read the label .
    24d is not a pre-emergent , it's a dicot killer , (broad leaf ) ( non grass) .
    Obviously you can read , sooooo , read the lable .

    Okay ?
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    I think a lot of labels state you can not let animals graze or feed on the clippings. May be wrong but your friend needs to read the label cover to cover before applying the product.
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    2,4-D is absolutely not labeled for use in/around grazing animals.
    Also 2,4-D will not kill Johnson Grass either.
    Round-up will not completely kill the Johnson Grass effecting your friends Bermuda hay field but it might help some.
    Don't even try to use MSMA either as it becomes adsorbed in the plant and will incur up-take into the grazing animal.
  5. Ric

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    You need a Agriculture labeled Herbicide Like "Outrider" to kill Johnsongrass in a pasture. Read the Label because there is a 12 re-entry restriction for Human and Cattle. If this is a hay field, that shouldn't be an issue.
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    Ok sorry for the stupid questions guys. I know the answers were prob on the label but the labels are at my shop and its like 5 degrees out side so i didnt really want to go out there. Thanks for the help
  7. Ric

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    I left the word HOUR out of the above post which changed the facts. I bad.
  8. Dallas Turf

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    Learn what you are talking about. 2,4-d lv4, 2,4-d lv 6, grazon (2,4-d with picloram) are all labeled to spray when horses and cattle are present, Have seen it applied to thousands of acres around my area(yes I have horses too) that have not had any neg effect. BTW, 2,4-d lv-6 is also labeled for residential lawn applications 2/3 of a pint per acre.
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    Johnson grass is not actively growing in February, if you are seeing a problem grass now, it isn't johnson grass.

    Many farmers in my area spray dormant hays fields with Roundup, it is also a common practice to spray 1 pint per acre immediately after a cutting to kill small weeds that were previously hidden under the long bermuda.
  10. Ric

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    When I grew hay on very rich Gumbo Mud, I burned the field after each cutting for weed control like the farmers of old. I didn't get 100% control but it was very effective. I was also growing Alicia Bermuda which is very fast growing. I don't think it would work as well on poor soil.

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