spraying weeds on a new seeded lawn.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by anthony, May 29, 2002.

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    picked up a client today that had a house built on a cleared lot that was a woods last year.she had it hydro seeded back in late march to early april.it is growing some what but needs a starter fert.,but she feels that it will kick in the weeds.the weeds that i see is small poison ivy,small sticker plants ect..........
    i told her that if i spray it with my broadleaf weed control it would wipe out the new grass (it has not been mowed yet)-(too short)
    what i would like to do is....pump it up with fert. and get a few cuts in and then spray the weeds...she said that spray BUT DONOT KILL THE GRASS....

    what are my options?

  2. KirbysLawn

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    Sounds like a possible risk.

    Is it irrigated?
    What type of grass?
    How tall is it after 2 months?
    Has a soil sample been taken?

    She must understand that the grass needs feeding, even if the weed seeds get fert also, once the grass gets up and has been mowed 4-5 times then I would treat the weeds.

    If she has her own plans on how you should do it then I would move-on and let her find someone else. I'm sure either way if it browns out during summer stress you and your fertilizer will be blamed.

    If it was me, she would agree to a soil sample, organic fertilizer with iron, my watering schedule, and to follow-up on whatever the soil test shows the lawn needs. If not I would not take the lawn.
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    Poison Ivy & most of the other "forest floor converted to lawn" weeds won't even survive mowing. Fertilize it, get a few mowings done, then spray the remaining weeds. Not fertilizing will allow the weeds the upper hand. You don't starve your childen just beacuse the oldest on might get strong and start picking on the infant. That concept is absurd & a sure path to failure.

    You may still need to overseed this fall. Watch that you don't set an unrealistic expectation regarding things like crabgrass unless the customer is willing to pay for Acclaim or Drive. There's no realistic way to predict how many grassy weeds will come this year (unless they're allready up) except to scout the ajoining areas.

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    Tremor, as usuall, sounds right. I think you yourself have the right idea. She needs to understand that unless she installed sod, it's gonna take a season or two to get the turf she wants. I believe your on the right track and agree with getting a soil sample as well, it's a sound lawn care practice in general.
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    Build the turf.

    THEN Spray.

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