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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by leeslawncare, Apr 1, 2001.

  1. leeslawncare

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    We are getting ready to start spot praying weeds this comming week an i was wanting some opions on .spraying after you mow or come back after a few days an spray?I gennerally do it after i mow but some opions on this may clear up any confusion.Thanks
  2. Getmow

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    Depends on your mowing schedule but it is usually best to get everything done while you are there.
  3. lee b

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    Usually get better results if you spray a few days before mowing, the plants have more surface area to collect spray. If just mowed the weeds will be under stress and will shut down or slow down growth, thus being much less susceptible to chemicals. The first rule of herbicides is the better a weed is growing the easier it is to kill.
  4. Ssouth

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    I have the same theory as Lee B. When doing new bed installations I used the cut very low then spray with round up. Now I spray and come back a week later to do the work. Seems to work much better. The weeds, grass, or whatever you are trying to kill has much more surface area to absorb the chemicals. This holds true for chemicals that are absorbed through the foilage rather than the root system. Not sure about chemicals absorbed through the roots.

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