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Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by John G, Apr 14, 2001.

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    I'd like to compliment you guys on your site you have here. I've found a wealth of usefull information at Lawnsite. After lurking for several weeks, this will be my first post. I have a question I hope someone can help me with. I currently own about 3 acres. I'm in the market for a pull behind sprayer for applying weed killer. Are the spayers that places like Farm & Fleet sell worth buying, or would it be possiable to save a little money and use a high quality backpack spayer? Could a backpack sprayer be used for such a large area?

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    I guess it depends on how many weeds you have. It could be done with a back pack sprayer, but it would take a long time. You might be better off with a pull behind from Farm & Fleet if you want to get done quicker. :)

    You could even get the 15 or 25 gallon tank sprayers that go on the back of a 4 wheeler and mount on a trailer and put a boom on it if you are inventive. You didn't say what you mow with, but you could even mount the tank on a mower. The electric pumps on the tank models is only about 1 gallon a minute of spray, so you will have to go slow with any of them.

    You need to get into a pump with a gas engine to pump out more spray quicker. A pull behind like that with a boom will run around $900. Not sure what your budget is.
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    i would say go with a tow behind. spot spraying weeds over 3 acres of turf will take a while. however did you think about maybe doing granular applications? i personally dont like spraying because you can get sicker easier and just a lot of other things. i know that you can do a lot of stuff with spraying that you cant do with granulars. however maybe for what you are doing you should also look into a spreader?
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    i agree with lawnboy, go with a tow behind, personly i would only apply weed prevention to the ares of my lawn (if it were 3 acres) than only people driving by could see and some in the back yard about 50 yards or so. if not you will spend a lot of money on fert.
    just my 4 cents
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    Hi john,
    The dandelion killer is a tow behind weed wiper. It will easily cover your 3 acres and you don't have to worry about pumps, drift, ect. The price is much more reasonable than a sprayer and calabration is pretty much foolproof.
    Good Luck,
    Jim L
  7. John G

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    I decided to go with the sprayer from Tractor Supply.
    I can buy it for a little over $200. Thanks again for the info.

    John G

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