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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by jlbf0786, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. jlbf0786

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    Have any of you guys read the most recent Turf Management Magazine that came out? - There's an ad in there on a new granular fertilizer coined "Spread It and Forget It"
    Composed of Duration CR (up to 180 days between applications)


    Check out the link above, let me know what you think.

    I've talked to the NC Rep for this particular product, he sent me all the pricing and so forth; unfortunately I would have to buy a ton of it before I can have it formulated and bagged for purchase, so I'm not able to move forward with it. But it seems to me that this could be the next step in fertilization programs for the turf industry. I think the price per bag ended up being like $45/ea. (50lbs)
  2. Will P.C.

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    Contact your big university that specializes in ag. For me, it would be UGA. Someone that has likely extensively tested the product and properly vetted it out. Not saying they would have used the product, but they might have. At the very least, someone with a PhD would be objective about the science of it and whether or not in their professional opinion it would work a full X amount of days
  3. jlbf0786

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    NC State Agronomy does extensive turf trials and fertilization programs for each particular cultivar; I honestly don't have any plans to incorporate this type of thing into my lawns (mostly because it's unavailable unless you special order it.)

    I just wanted anyone's thoughts that'd used that kind of product

    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    Do a search (on this forum) for spread it and forget it this is a Duration product to just blended buy some one else. There is a big thread on it

    Charles Cue
  5. lush&green

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    We switched all our accounts over to it two years ago and we love it.(as do our customers)... Plus we make more $ using it...
  6. foreplease

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    I would be quite interested in trying this. Given the choice between reading company sales material and then speaking to a PhD versus someone who has used it in the field for two years, I would be more interested in what the applicator had to say.

    I use MESA products in some places now and have for 4-5 years. MESA's consistency of release and length of response is better than anything else I have used. 'Spread It and Forget It" 180 day formulation sounds even more promising. One of its often repeated selling points is "half a piece of MESA is still MESA" meaning that how it works is unchanged by injury to the granules - even being cut into pieces by mowers. The Duration sales material states that its release mechanism is unchanged by excess water. Says it is temperature dependent and that the granules are tough but did not say what happens if you do manage to injure them. I would not be interested in the type with pre-emergent but do wonder if that, too, releases throughout the year when it is unneeded or if the herbicide is somehow front loaded on the response curve.

    jlbf0786 did you literally mean a ton as in 40 bags or 'a whole bunch' as in a semi load?
  7. Skipster

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    With coated fertilizers, PREs are usually added to the outside of the coating, so you get the delivery of that product all at once.

    If you were to meter out your PRE application with the fert through the coating technology, you wouldn't get enough of the PRE in the ground at one time to be effective.
  8. grassmasterswilson

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    Since the majority of my accounts are billed per application I would find it hard to explain to a customer that I was going to charge them more for one application of fertilizer that would last an entire season.

    I have timed all my weed and Fert apps so I am there at the necessary times to get products down to prevent weeds or treat properly. Since I am going anyway I would rather spread out my Fert application.

    When I looked a while back the highest N they had was a 16-4-8 I think. Seems you would put I very high rate of Fert at one time as opposed to a 30-6-10.

    Could be a great product for commercial applications where they don't care as long as it gets done and looks good.

    May have to revisit this.

    After posting I see they have different and better options now.

    Still to get the normal 3 lbs of N per year I would need to apply 8-9lbs per 1000. Seems like a lot of product and you need to be very accurate if you are only applying once.
  9. frotis

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    I have been using OneAp on my own lawn for the past 3 years and I love it, I apply it once in the spring, then in the fall I sometimes out down a winterizer. The pre-emergence lasts a very long time, I had trouble getting seed to germinate in the early fall from the OneAp I put down in April.

    Is this the same company? http://one-ap.info
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  10. Will P.C.

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    The chemical companies and the pharma industry share many of the same operating procedures. Brand name verus the generics. Companies coming out with a brand 'new' product which is the active ingredient as something that has been out for 20 years with another minor ingredient added to it or extended release formulation. Same marketing practices and many of the same companies are involved.

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