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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by HLC, May 12, 2002.

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    I am getting ready to purchase a broadcast spreader and am looking for some advice and opinions. I did a search and from the topics already discussed, I am leaning towards a Lesco even though I haven't even seen one yet. I plan to use Lesco products. I'm not familiar with the different models offered by Lesco so if there are different models I would like to hear some opinions on those as well. My plans are to start using using this spreader in my biz this fall or next spring (working on the license right now). For now I need it for use on my own place. Just happen to have a little extra $ now and want to go ahead and get a decent piece of equipment. I have ten acres but will only be applying regularly to ~2acres. I know it sounds like I've already made up my mind on the Lesco but I am totally open minded here. Thanks in advance....Joe
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    You will find that LESCO has a few options for you when it comes to push or w/b spreaders. The decison on which one to purchase will depend on a few simple questions>
    1. How often do you plan to use it?
    2. How do you maintain your equipment? ie high or low
    3. How much material will you need to carry at one time (or consider the size of your properties)
    4. Do you have a requirement to do trim work often.

    Once you start to answer these questions you can narrow down the decision process.

    How often you plan to use it will narrow it down fast. If you will live and die by your spreader, than you should consider a stainless steel unit. Very strong and durable.

    This will also start to answer the question on maintenance. LESCO offers an epoxy coated spreader that must be washed down often and will not take the abuse of the others. (great unit for the once in a while application)

    LESCO offers a 80 lb units and 100 lb units, the 80 lb unit in epoxy and stainless. Of course the 100lb unit will give you more distance between re loads.

    When considering the trim work question, take a look at the NEW for 2002 LESCO drop/rotary spreader this unit has a stainless steel frame construction and will allow you to provide drop spread application and then broadcast with the same unit. You can now accomplish ON target applications of narrow areas (the tree lawn between the sidewalk and street for example). When using granular herbicides ect you can do the outside perimeter of the property with the drop and finsh the property with the rotary.

    So the answer to the question lies in you asking yourself a few simple questions prior to your purchase.

    Hope this helps you out

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    Thanks Phil. This is exactly the kind of advice I'm looking for. I guess I should ask if you know of any other brands that are as good (or better) for the money as Lesco or is it a waste of time to put a lot of effort into shopping around. I will be going by Lesco tomorrow to take a look.
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    I recently purchased a Lesco ss spreader, model 705699 I believe. Very nice. I also use only Lesco products so for me it's a no-brainer. The setting for Lesco products are right on the bag. Just set the spreader according to the bag and go. I also bought the kit that contained the deflector and cover. I'm sure there are other very good spreaders out there but for me it's Lesco all the way. Good luck.
  5. I have the 80# 100# and 80# Truckster spreaders.

    I would lean to the 80# SS as it is easy to push and runs about $250.

    It will last you for years.

    Don't waste any time looking at other soreaders.

    No I do not work for lesco.

    Now products There are many others that are good.



    Howard Johnson


    I use the one in the pic below or a chest spreader, the rest have not seen action for a few years.

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    Joe sure there are other spreaders out there. Scotts has a pretty neat unit. They are well respected by many of the golf supers in the area. The key to any equipment has to be the ABILITY to obtain parts when it goes down or needs maintenance. If your product is down because the supplier can not get you the parts what good is the thing. Green, yellow, blue they all break or need parts from time to time. Hook yourself up with a spreader where they can supply gear assy, covers ect when you need them.
    Remember LESCO has been producing spreaders since the cave man was around, they seem to have the bugs worked out pretty well.
  7. HLC

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    Went to Lesco today. I think I will be going with the standard poly 80# unit.

    I took a look at the new drop/rotary spreader. The store manager did not even know that he had gotten one in. The facility manager had to tell him where it was. Anyway we got out the forklift and got the pallet down and took the thing out of the box. I like the concept however it does have two problems. 1) I didn't like the way the drop portion "metered" the product. There was no way to set the PROPER amount of product to be dispensed. It basically had a throttle looking lever and you just opened the gate the amount I guess you would think would be right. 2) The price was OUTRAGIOUS. the unit is basically the 80# poly unit with the modification for the drop portion. The price quoted for the standard unit....$330. The new drop/rotary combo unit......$550. No way the drop mod could be worth that much.....IMO.

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