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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by gregory, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. gregory

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    i live in southwest florida and have 39,000sq ft of st augstine grass and i have been taking care of it for 10+ years it has always looked good.but things at work have been very busy and other hobbies have cut into my yard time.i have commerical equipment to take care of the lawn i have a toro z master ztr and all stihl weedeaters and blower and stick edger.i also have a lesco ss spreader but pushing that thing thru 39k sq ft of grass is a real pain plus the time it takes to do this and do it right.i am thinking about hiring somebody to do it or for me or buy a ride on spreader/sprayer.question is i was thinking about getting a z-spray jr or do you guys think thats a waste of money for a home onwer to spend to take care of that much yard? i had somebody come out and give me a price on taking care of it bi monthly and the yearly price was like $3000.00 per year that was ferti fugi and pest control...after a few years i could pay for the damn z-spray jr.i called lesco and got what i have spent on avg over the last serval years and it was on avg 400.00-500.00.so i fi bump up the the money i spend at lesco to say 750.00 per year and pay the machine 3000.00 a year i have bought the machine and the product in 3 years...i am not to worried about me breaking the z-spray b/c i am sure it will last me along time hell my toro is 8years old and the only i have done to it is change the oil grease it and put blades on it and 2 batteries so i am pretty sure the z-spray will last that and i will get my money back out of it what do you guys think? waste of money ? i do like working in the yard i don't see it has a chore i like looking back at my yard when i am done just trying to cut donw on the time it takes to do it and be able to do a better job then with just a push type spreader and being able to spray will be great right now i do it with a solo back pack sprayer...tks for the input

    also what kills beggarweed? in st augstine
  2. indyturf

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    I would look for a used PG, you can find a Magnum for around $3500. and with the low hours you will put on it you will get good $$ back when you sell it. if you don't want to buy used check out Lesco's HPS riding spreader and put a PG sprayer on it. you could get both for around 3K.
  3. gregory

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    tks indy but the lesco hps is 3k down here and to add the spray tank from gregson clark will cost about 800.00 more so for 3800.00 it would cost me to go this way i have talked to some guys that used to work for lesco they kinda gave me the felling of stay awau from that machine.trust me i would love to only spend 4k and be set but i don't want to spend 4k and reget it 2years later and then have to spend another 4k for a new one or go out and buy a z-spray after all. what do you use indy?

    i thought about buying a used pg magnum i see pg had some 2005 magnum on there site the price ranges from 5k to 5500.00. i went down to the local dealer and looked at the z-spray jr it looks like a very well bult machine but i will have to sell some toys to buy it...anybody else got any input?

    also anybody know anything about quicksliver? i see it kills fl beggarweed...
  4. indyturf

    indyturf LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have a 05 PG Magnum and 2 centri's. I use the Magnum and love it, I have about 450 hrs on it now and its still doing great. its easy to work maintain and work on. the Z-spray would be great but you could fertilize your lawn in less than 10-15 min with the PG. even an older model like the Centri work do a good job, you can find them for around 2k.
  5. gregory

    gregory LawnSite Bronze Member
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    tks i am going to call some of the one on the pg site and see if they are still for sale..tks
  6. RAlmaroad

    RAlmaroad LawnSite Silver Member
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    I'm not being rude or mean, but if you can invest that much in your equipment, and fertilize, why don't you hire a pro down there that can apply the right herbicides and pesticides legally and you spend more time on you boat. You'd have both--a beautiful yard and more time to polish the boat. Roy
  7. gregory

    gregory LawnSite Bronze Member
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    i can apply the right herbicides and pesticides legally myself.i am not offened by your comment at all.the reason is #1 i enjoy doing yard work #2 i don't own a boat don't really care for one not my thing #3 after say 4 yrs how much have i paid someone to take care of my yard @ 3k a year 12k that will pay for the machine and the prducts i have put out even if i spend 1k a year on product which i am sure i won't but you get the picture how long would it take to spray my yard and spread out some fertilizer what maybe 2hrs every other month.i understand i am paying a markup on the product and i am paying labor for someone to spread it out also .so after 5 years i have paid 15k if i buy a machine like a z-spray thats 8800.00 and spend 1k on product thats only 13800.00 so after 5 years i have saved 1200.00 by doing it myself i guess its not much i would only save maybe 250.00 a year not much but if i decide to sell the machine after 5years i am sure to get a good return on it also since i have only used it on my yard only am i am sure the hrs will be very low hell my toro i have had since 99 it has less then 200hrs on it ...i see your point but sometimes i like doing things myself..i am sure i will think about it more before i run out and buy a machine hell i would save even more if i got the permegreen from lesco its 2900.00 less then the z-spray i went by lesco's today and he s going to have a pg magnum there next weekend for me to look at .if i went that route i would save 4k over 5 years b/c that machine cost less......just wanted some input from the pro's

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    well it sounds like u have a plan so just let us know what u buy :)
  9. mkroher

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    You want to spend 3K on a machine for a lawn that's only 39K sqft?

    PSUTURFGEEK LawnSite Senior Member
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    on average it wouldn't save you much doing it yourself, even if you do 5-6 apps/ year youre still talking less than 1000.00 for a professional to do it and the other way to look at it is, letting a pro do it is like an insurance policy for your lawn if you do get breakthrough and need renovated it's usually on them depending upon thier guarantee.

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