spreader agitation.

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    Regarding push spreaders, which type of agitation do you have? Which type do you prefer? The rotary wire? Or the wiggling bowtie type?
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    We normally break both kinds during second season, and it always happens when the hopper is full.

    Now, we use the (don't know what correct name is) crooked type, spring loaded, ones you use to keep the hitch pin from coming up and out.

    Even considered drilling the hole out larger and installing the largest possible.
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    With the 1 hole opening (Spyker hopper/PG Centuri) I take out the wire as I have found it breaks the fert enough to have an effect on how smooth the slide openes/closes and less build up on impeller too.

    I keep the hopper super clean and dry though for best flo.

    When I seed, I put the wire in, especially the larger/Longer seeds.

    The wiggler on the 3 hole Lesco Push works great too so long as very clean/dry..

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    lame! thread! start over Rig.
    Your experenced enough to answer your own question!

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