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Spreader Carrier


LawnSite Member
Hey i saw this guy a while back and he had his spreader mounted on the back of his truck on his tailgate. Have any of you seen this before or is this a self fabricated thing. I looked in Lescos website and saw nothing. Also do you guys know of any good monthly turf magazines and where to get them I've been searching and cant seem to find anything. Also i wanted to thank everyone for this website. I havent been a member long but the amount of info you give and the knowledge I've learned in the past month has been incredable


LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
Are you talking about a hand spreader? There are some good pictures on here of some that were built by members. I'm sure a search would turn some up.


LawnSite Senior Member
that looks...aerodynamic..lol...what does that thing do going down the freeway? I'd certainly doubletake if I saw that in my rearview mirror coming up behind me! on the bright side, no worries about any fert left in the hopper to cake up!


LawnSite Senior Member
New England
just wondering out loud here....but would that spreader be better off mounted to the back of the trailer?

no big deal, its fine in front...but does look a bit odd?