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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Envy Lawn Service, Jun 1, 2004.

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    OK, I have been thinking about converting to a ZTR mount spreader prior to the fall rush. It should be both faster and a lot simpler for me also since I would not have to change loadout over to the lawn tractor and spreader ect.

    But the more I think about them the more I think it might not be all that easy to get really good even coverage simply because of course it is not a ground engaging drive controlling the amount of material dispersed at a given speed.

    So with that in mind I thought about just replacing with another tow behind, which is nice for speed and fatigue reduction. But the loadout thing sucks. Plus this creates one more reason I will always have to keep a lawn tractor around for, not that I don't have plenty more though.

    I have also looked at some nice push spreaders. I like that idea because you can just throw it on when it's needed anytime during the course of that day. But then I think about the fact that it is slower. Plus I've never pushed 50-100 lbs of fert in a push type before. Sounds like a lot of dang WORK to me LOL!!!

    Any advise about the equipment or additional points of view would be appreciated.
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    I have been using a spreader mounted on a Z for 5 years. It works great for me. On and off in 10 seconds.You just have to learn to calibrate your speed and feed rate. Just as any type , wether its a push, pull or perma green type . I have a 100 lb unit and I put another 100 lb on the floor with me and I can get alot more done than pushing and its more manuverable than a pull type.
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    Maybe I taked with you before about the Z-mount type? An Earthway? Maybe not? I dunno, can't remember, but somebody has one and likes it. In any event, do you have a front or rear mount?

    I may decide to go with the Earthway because I like their stuff. The only thing is that they are really designed for ATV's. But I should still be able to come up with a quick mount reciever for it. I looked at the JRCO's but they are WAY-WAY TOO MUCH!

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