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    I will be getting my license in the spring and am starting to by the equipment now so I can be prepared. I will be buying a walk behind from lesco. But I have noticed that jrco sells one for the front of ztrs. Correct me if I am wrong but won't the jrco unit not work properly because the drive speed of the ztr won't match the granular distribution output. I would think there would be both heavy and light fert areas depending on speed. It looks neat I just don't think it would work. Any input.
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    You're correct, maintaining a constant speed is critical in making sure you get even spread.

    Lesco actually sells a spreader that goes on a mower/4 wheeler/etc. Not sure what it runs. It's an updated version to the older style they had. Much better.

    First thing to do is look at the recommended speed of the spreader. Most say 3-4 MPH i think. Then you need to figure out at what position your lap bars need to be in order to run at 3-4 MPH. And remember that position as you will need to maintain that speed!! From there, it's easy to calibrate the rest.

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