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Spreading 19-0-6 w/ Dimesion on a PG


LawnSite Member
Mason, Michigan
Can anyone tell me what rate they are spreading 19-0-6 w/ Dimension using a Perma Green Spreader Sprayer? I just bought my first, and have never used it. Its callibrated, but I want to make sure that I'm not putting down to little or to much?


Millennium Landscape & Lawncare Inc.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Millennium -

I think the above guys are assuming you're using the same stuff, brand wise? As in Lesco Dimension so the pellets are the same size? It would throw you off a little if not, especially if you got the 3 holes set to Chicago's settings and the plate set to Pilgrim's setting. Not saying that those are wrong, but if you've got different sized pellets, probably be a good thing to go through and set your own machine.