spreading compost to increase humus

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by crew, Feb 22, 2000.

  1. crew

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    I recently read an article touting the benefits of humus.One suggestion for increasing the amount of humus was spreading compost.Does anybody out there do this?What do you use to spread and at what rate?Do you fear "importing"weeds from compost site?Do you charge a rate similar to a fert application?Seems like a nice non-chemical element in a good IPM.Any comments appreciated.
  2. dylan

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    I use a broadcast spreader and fine screened compost to cover the lawn from 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. Properly made compost will not contain seeds because the heat generated in its creation will have killed them. Compost is also a good slow release fertilizer, will increase the levels of micro organisms in the soil, relieve soil compaction and suppress some diseases. <br>Dylan
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    A little note about soil enhancement on a new landscape, where you have a chance to make changes before planting. The effect of compost is short lived, while it is better than doing nothing. A better enhancement, especially for lawns, is to incorporate aged wood grindings- chips, old mulch, sawdust, etc. <p>While compost will enhance soil immediately, most effect is gone within two years- decay completed. Wood based materials are mostly lignin, which takes dozens of years to near complete decay. One important qualification, the wood matls added should be well aged, as green wood will rob new plantings of nitrogen. (You can compensate for green wood by adding extra N at time of incorporation.)<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana
  4. richard

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    i use a liquid version of compost of multi minerals in an organic acids liquid called SUPERTRACE it has humic and fulvic acids plus bacteria +2%iron chelated.no weed seeds in there...

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    I realize that humus are humic acid added to the soil is great for it. It is not hard to add it to flowerbeds but covering a lawn is somewhat labor intensive. It is hard to sell to my customers a toppdressing for their lawn because I have to charge to much. I am actively seeking a reasonable priced topdressing machine. Has anyone ever used the one earth and turf sells? Most of the materials are moist in this area so it limits what type of machine i can use. I am looking more towards the the liquids for adding humic acid but this does not help out with leveling a yard which repeated topdressing does. Any help?<p>
  6. richard

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    if you have wilbur ellis near you..www.wilburellis.com they sell a real nice mulch spreader even has a shower cap..for liquid must see Fe8 at www.rootsinc.com it's one of the best for results and $$$ and has become a major chunk of my fall K<br>

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