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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by tocs93, May 30, 2005.

  1. tocs93

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    Do you fert guys push a spreader in the rain? I was getting rained on pretty good in the middle of my 135,000 sq. ft. property and the last couple lawns are showing some very slight striping 1 week after application that I think I may be the only one to notice. I am guessing the spreader hole that delivers to the left was getting clogged because it looks like the right side overlaps are the ones that striped. When do you call it quits when spreading in the rain? Or is it best to just wait until its dry?
  2. MrBarefoot

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    I may treat in a light rain, but not if the rain is likely to get heavier.

    It is true that rain shouldn't harm a granular application, but I find the customers perception of it is generally negative.

    If I am also spraying, then I won't treat in any kind of rain.
  3. Enviro Green

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    Same as above.

    Also, even on misty days it becomes a real pain to clean the spreader after each house, or on big lawns, in the middle, it just isn't worth the trouble.

    Yep, and neer spray on misty days, unless I know it will be alright, and no one is looking. Such as dimension apps in the misty rain, they are fine, but the perception is that you are not doing the right thing.

  4. Chris Wagner

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    I'll apply a straight granular fert in a light rain, but I think you're foolish to do any herbicide treatments in the rain, granular or liquid, since it will probably wash off the weed.

    I use a cover on our Agri-Fabs so rain doesn't mix with the fert.
  5. Grandview

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    I will apply in a light rain. I use covers to prevent the fertilizer from getting wet. When the fertilizer gets wet it tends to get sticky and clog.
  6. Pilgrims' Pride

    Pilgrims' Pride LawnSite Senior Member
    from MA.
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    I will work in the rain if it's needed.
    I will apply grub treatments in the rain on occasion for customers who can't/won't water.
    I run an enclosed trailer now so the rain isn't as great a problem as it was before.
  7. Runner

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    Most of our ferts have iron, so when the cement gets wet, that's out.
  8. ndunn

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    any organic guys have problems in rain? :)
  9. Pilgrims' Pride

    Pilgrims' Pride LawnSite Senior Member
    from MA.
    Messages: 481

    any organic guys have problems in rain?

  10. tocs93

    tocs93 LawnSite Member
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    How is the iron affected by the rain?

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