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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Paul Andrews, Aug 5, 2001.

  1. Paul Andrews

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    I know I probably posted this in the wrong spot and that i should have put it in the landscaping forum but I needed a quick response. Anyways ...

    I'm fairly new to landscaping (lawn mowing mostly) and I have a few questions to ask. When spreading out new mulch, do you guys clean out the old mulch and put in black landscapers' fabric for weed prevention before you spread the new mulch ? And what do you mean by edging the bed ? Thanks for your help
  2. Evan528

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    no, you do not have to remove the old mulch.... depending on what kind of mulch you are using most mulch wil partly decompose into soil over a years time. And landscape fabric for mulch...... dont do it!!!!!! Not only will it get in your way when ever you try to plants but it does no good at all!!! As the mulch on top of it decomposes weeds germinate in the mulch. "edging" is refering to using a spade or a dedicated bed edger machine to dig a agled trench towards the mulch. hope this helped a little!
  3. dhicks

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    It depends on the thickness of the old mulch. one and one half inch or less and I'll mulch over. If greater I'll remove the old mulch around trees. Too much mulch at the base of a tree will cause the roots to surface rather than go deeper into the soil during periods of droughts.

    I don't use weed block but prefer Treflan as pre-emergent. If the customer insists on weed block, no problem. Edging the bed refers to a process using a bed edger or shovel to manicure the edge around the bed. I prefer the machine method.
  4. Craig Turf Management

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    If the mulch is less than say three inches, I will apply enough mulch to bring the depth up to the three inch level. During cleanups, or when I apply new mulch to existing mulch, I will turn the older mulch over, to break it up and help aerify the bed. I prefer to use a pre-emergence herbicide rather than weed-block material. Weed seeds that germinate in the mulch layer after you apply weed control fabric will often times grow roots through the fabric. When you pull the weeds, the roots may remain underneath the fabric, and grow through again. I use Snapshot in all of my beds for weed control. This can be bought at Lesco. I think bed edging has been defined well enough, but I would recommend renting/buying a bed edger. It will save tons of labor.

    Hope this helps. Take care, Bill Craig:cool:
  5. Paul Andrews

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    Thanks for the advice , it's greatly appreciated !

    So to lay new mulch most of you would leave the exsisting mulch if there is not a great amount in thickness , spray a herbicide for weed prevention , apply new mulch , and edge.

    Question: What if there is a type of metal edging in the ground around the bed ? How do you edge then? How much does a professional edger cost?
  6. kutnkru

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    This would be considered replenishing existing mulch. New mulch applications would be if there were no mulch or you were replaceing decorative stone or another material with ground up hardwoods.

    I just wanted to make sure that you were not misleading a clients perspective by painting a different picture from what you mean. :D

    Ballpark figure of $2300 for the TrenchMaster. http://www.brownmfgcorp.com/

    Hope this helps.
  7. AztlanLC

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    Some Beds may not even have plants or flowers so you can just apply the new mulch on top of the old, and if you have a metal edge around the best thing would be to take out some more mulch at the edge so the new doesn't cover the metal, you can also look for a trimmer-edger which cost around $400.00
    (Stihl, Redmax, Echo, Etc.)

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