spreading mulch


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I did something different to spread my mulch today. I had a square playground to mulch, 12 yards. I had the mulch delivered and dumped in 2 piles. I then put the plow blade on my Grasshopper and pushed the mulch around like I was plowing snow. I didn't even bring a wheelbarrow. Then whole job took 80 minutes. I had bought the plow blade used last fall for $200 for clearing the snow off my driveway. Bob


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Thats the way to do it!! &quot; Work Smarter, not harder!&quot; That old saying gets used by me a lot when I see guys using shovels to do unnecessary work when a piece of equipment is sitting idle at a jobsite. Those grasshoppers must have some pep in them !!<p>----------<br>&quot;guido&quot;<br>David M. Famiglietti

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