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    Starting today, February 14th, 2005, you can get special pricing on selected Hustler models.
    The program is as follows:
    $1,500.00 discount off of MSRP on all Hustler Z's and Super Z's, including the Diesel Super Z and ATZ models.
    $1,300.00 discount off of MSRP on all Mini Z's and Super Mini Z's
    $700.00 discount off of MSRP on FasTrak 44" and 52" models only.

    MSRP pricing can be found here http://www.lawnsite.com/showthread.php?t=79709

    This promo starts today, February 14th, 2005 and ends May 31st, 2005, there are no exceptions on this.
    This promo is available through participating dealers, some dealers may not be participating in this program, it is 100% dealer optional.
    Mini FasTraks are not eligible for this program.
    Certain finance programs may not be available with this program.
    These prices and this promo is for the Continental United States only.

    E-mail me with any questions.

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