Spring Aeration and Overseeding

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    do you know how many lawns you got to cover that aerator rental? lets just say 75 buks an aeration? that's 20 customers JUST to break even on the rental. if you want to pass out flyers you got to do it 3-5 times just so they get your attention. read about it, its all over this site.

    im just saying doing the aeration now wont get you this work you are hoping for. im not even thinking about aerating now, as a matter a fact. most dealers here don't stock them till july august because they wont sell because people arnt doing them!!!
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    Thanks! Yes. The total of my efforts show that a properly executed flyer campaign can see at least a 2% return on a 'seasonal service' effort in my area.
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    $300?!!??! Good luck.
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    Aerate and seed in the spring? Do you have cold season grasses there? I have talked alot of people out of seeding in the spring, but we have all cool season grasses. Last fall I did good on aerating and seeding, was doing 1/2 acre lots minus house, driveway, etc for $250.
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    If your Summer's heat comes on quick (like it does here), you'll not have near the quality of END results that Fall/Sept overseeding will generate. And, as mentioned, you'll be opening the door to Summer weeds w/o PreEm.

    Best advice: consult with your State Extension office as they'll have a LOT of archived info/data about YOUR region. They are a non-biased and geared towards what works...and WHEN. Call them &/or find their website.
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    I know a irrigation contractor. He says sprinklers are pretty tough and it is very rare for a aerator to damage a head. I can buy heads for $12.

    Though I always tell people what my irrigation guy say's. Though to play it safe we walk the property together and flag them. It makes it their job to point out the heads. Heads get missed my response is why did you not show me that head if there is damage.

    You can always flag the weeks jobs on the weekend before you do the properties or you do them the evening before to have the customers there to locate the heads. Thing is you walk carefully you will spot most heads. Common sense heads are going to be on edges. Such as curbs, walks, beds, patios. So do not aerate tight to the edges. Heads also in the center of areas as well.

    Many grass seeds need soil temp of 50 F for 10 days to germinate. I always look at the 10 day forecast. If it shows night time temp of 50 F for 10 nights then I seed. KBG needs 10 to 14 days. Other grasses need 7.

    I do not have those temps until May 1st at the earliest. I do not know when you will get those temps. Though people do not want seed put down in March and wait 1 month let alone 2 months before they see germination.

    Your pricing is off. If you do 4 lawns a day that is 20 lawns a week. 5 weeks to do 100 lawns.

    Aerator rentals here $90 to $99 a day.

    Rental 5 weeks is $2,500 even if you get the work done in 4 weeks the rental will be $2,000.

    You budget $1,500 for rental. You just lost $500 to $1,000.

    You have a weak lawn 3.5 lbs will not be enough. People will want to see a lawn that will look a lot thicker then before you touched it. You will need to put down at least 5 lbs per 1,000 sf.

    1/4 lawn will need 55 lb
    1/3 needs 74 lb
    1/2 needs 110 lb

    I buy good seed from Lesco from $90 to $125 for 50 lb bag.

    I always plan on never getting more then one aeration job a day. Because whether I rent a machine I have to be making enough money to eventually buy my own so I will not have to rent any more.

    The way I will figure a 1/2 acre. I will figure the cost for a full day rental of $99. Then the price to mow is added to cover my labor. $40. So far $139.

    Good seed will cost including my mark up of $25 a 50 lb bag $230/300 for two bags + $40 labor.

    $270/$340 + $139 = $409/479. Plus sales tax.

    If I can return the machine in half a day rental was $45.
    Seed cost me $180/250.
    Rental + seed = $225/295

    $409/$479 - $225/295 = $184/184 cleared.

    Though when you add in the price to soil test. Putt down lime, and fert then the price goes up more.

    Are you including soil tests and lime and fert in your prices?

    It may sound high. Though my time to rent the equipment and buy seeds has to be covered.

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