spring again???

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by joshua, Jul 6, 2001.

  1. joshua

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    i know alot of you guys are having dry spells, but it seems like its spring again here in my part of ohio, 2 big storms last week, 1 or 2 the week before, and its rained the past 2 nights and parts of the day, nothng big but little down pours for 20mins to a hour. the grass is greening up again and stearting to grow faster, i'm gunna move all the mowing back up to 6 days, it was at 8. we cut a house on monday and we were back doing a trimming job their tonight and it looked like it wanted to be cut by sat. and its a slower grower than the rest of the lawns on its route.
    i hope you guys that need some rain get it soon, it will come.
  2. HOMER

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    Rained more here this year than it has in the past 3. Everything green and always cutting wet grass.

    I'm not complaining, if I do then I know what Mother Natures alternative can be....................DROUGHT!

    Kinda hard to stay anywhere near caught up with just the 2 of us but we're doing all we can.

    It was 96 with the heat index factored in yesterday, I just wish we were having spring temperatures. Humididty so thick you could cut it with a dull bladed Axemark!
  3. davesgs75

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    About the same up this way Homer. Just about the time I get caught up, get hit with rain agian. Like you, i'm not complainig its better than the heat and drought we have had the last couple of years. I have been so busy just trying to keep up with the grass it has been growing so fast. Had a storm come through yesterday, weather man said we got over 4 inches of rain at the airport. Fall will be here soon enough, maybe we can rest then.
  4. script

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    It's the same here Homer as far as the rain. We haven't had much rain in three years and now it rains everyday. We cut 2 days in the rain last week, and about an hour in the rain yesterday, but within less than 1/2 hour I was cutting in water about an inch deep so we finished that job and had to shut down. It rained all day and we're supposed to get the same today, so I'll head out on that note and try to beat the rain. As far as feeling like spring Joshua my yards look like crap after three days, but I agree it sure beats the drought. Hope you guys have a good friday.

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