Spring clean-up for friends mother

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by detroitjoker, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. detroitjoker

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    OMG!!! Usually when this woman wants something done, it is something like moving a chair up from the downstairs.
    She called me up and asked me to help her in her yard. Expecting to basically just pick up some leaves, I went to the job a bit unprepared. We ended up cutting down 4 20' cedar trees. Picked up a 50 gal container of trash behind her retaining wall (literally 20 used baby diapers) pressure washed her house 1600 sf, driveway and sidewalks 1200 sf, and 200 lin ft of stonework. Literally 7- 50 gal trash cans filled up with debris from tree limbs to leafs and 2 dumps at the yard at $20 a pop. Now we are doing 6 yards of mulch for her beds. I was originally going to charge her $450 which is very very generous with all the pressure washing, but the 6 yards of mulch is gonna make that almost impossible. This woman has always been good to me. I am not too sure my buddy is gonna like me sending his mom a bill in the almost $800 mark. ANy suggestions?????

    P.S. I had to drag the trees and mulch 65 yards!!

    I am just curious to know if i am beeing too hard or soft on this?
  2. KGR landscapeing

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    To soft when it comes down to friends i have more then i could ever need. And they never do favors for me. charge for the mulch the clean up if you wernt running equipment you can sometimes drop the labor down a bit but if the stuff is running they pay the rate.
  3. mexiking

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    sounds like a $1600 job not a 800...
  4. davink

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    I agree with KGR I have plenty of friends when they need something that I have, but whent it comes to me needing a favor, geez they are suddenly busy. I would charge full rate, or at the very least, show the full rate on the bill, then show the amount that you are discounting. This way she knows that she is getting a deal..good luck with it!

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