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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by gosselin142258, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. gosselin142258

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    Ok so i'm on a job with a customer that seems to have a real weird persona. I'm doing a seasonal clean up and I'm almost positive they expect me to gather ever last leave in their yard. To what extent do you guys clean? im not saying leave leafs everywhere but i mean every single one? the kicker to this story is I gave the customer a kick ass price too and their j in my hair. expected but not on my first gig
  2. bill8379

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    You can't get every single leaf in bushs or even flower beds. I tell them I do a quick blow out of the bushes and beds. Blow it onto the lawn then vac it there along with what ever the power rake dragged up, then I bag it. After I'm done vacuuming, I mow it with a bagger and 99% of the crap is gone. (I'll then walk around with a blower and anything still left on the lawn gets blown back into the bushes. I don't tell them this.)

    However if the problem is the Customer, I'd just leave him standing there. I always have to turn down work in the spring and there's no point in getting hung up with difficult job or a difficult customer. I've done it in the past though, sick of it already.
  3. Atlantic Lawn

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    Finish the job, bring em outside to show what you have done, give em the bill and wait for your check. As long as you know that you've done a good job it won't be hard to explain to them you have worked to an industry standard. It's that simple. When we work on homes for absentee owners, we email before and after pictures to them. Pictures help.
  4. gosselin142258

    gosselin142258 LawnSite Member
    from Mass
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    yea i guess the pics would've helped but I didn't think they were going to be this goddamn difficult. i have like 3.5 hrs in there already and it's not that big of a yard. IM counting the time it takes me to run to my dump spot also. I dont want to leave my first customer unsatisfied
  5. bill8379

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    How much are you charging and what equipment are you using?

    If you don't have the right equipment it's not his fault. Same with guys that will mow an acre with a 21" mower. Who cares how long it takes, they don't have the right to charge for how long it takes them.

    On the other hand if YOU just blew an estimate on your first job just suck it up. I still blow estimates after hundreds of jobs.
  6. lawnman_scott

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    Anyone has the right to charge whatever they want, its the customers right to accept or decline it.
  7. bill8379

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    That's my point.

    But when I had a tree stump grinded and they guy charged me $50 for 20 min. that's fine, he had a grinder. But if some clown comes by with a hammer and chisel and says that it will take him all day and will cost me $400... well he just ain't going to get a lot of work.
  8. Sammy

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    A classic example of a low bid, customer knows it, but, customer is making sure the job gets done for the low price.
  9. Stillwater

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    on cleanup I get the vast majority of leaves if not all but it depends on the customers. This is where good communication comes in. It is good policy to know what your customers expect for what they are paying. if you have 1 customer who feels they got shafted well then you might as well have 5 that feel they got shafted because word travels and what the heck is a good price you should always charge your rate Because it can cause issues for you in the future

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