Spring Clean Up Profit Margin

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    Cleanups are labor intensive and if done correctly the client can do nothing with the landscape for an entire year. Here is how it is done:

    1. Customer asks for a bid
    2. Walk the property and point out plants that need attention, edges that could be crisper and let the customer see your knowledge and value without sounding like a blowhard. I like to show my plant knowledge by offering simple advice.
    3. The sell: Tell them that your spring cleanups are a one stop shop. You edge, prune, rake, and mulch beautifully. Tell them it is a show stopper, stunning landscape.
    4. The hook: You tell them that for that price they won't have to life a finger, rake a leaf, prune a shrub, just take praise from the neighbors. Nothing, nada, just enjoy the landscape all year. One stop shop! (People love convenience)
    5. Price according to their needs. Clean ultra, anal customers get a detailed,intense, no stone unturned landscape cleanup. Price your hourly plus any costs and add an extra hour or two to make it perfect. Low intensity customers get the value package, light pruning, edging, and a decent job. Price accordingly.

    Around here we charge about 100-125 a yard of mulch installed.

    That includes: pruning, power edging, raking, debris removal, mulching (flattened to be as crisp as water)

    So a 4 yard job is around 460.00
    10 yard job is over 1100 or so.....

    Again tons of labor and work that most people hate or can't do well. Seriously you need to charge well for this service. It is a big part of my companies success formula. I'm anal, and a perfectionist, and I require nothing less.

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    Most of our resi spring cleanups are around 200.

    With that said, no mulch, pruning or any of that. Blow out beds, tine rake bag everything. That's it.

    That's what most companies do for cleanups around here
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