Spring Clean-up Q.

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Maddog01, Apr 21, 2008.

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    Hi there

    Just started my own landscaping company this year. and I wanted to see what the best way to quote a spring clean up. I'll give you a bit of an example.

    I quoted a property for spring clean up the other day and it was a mess! I think it hadn't been cleaned up EVER!. Property was probably about 1/4 acre or smaller. I estimated approx 6 hours to do the job.

    Once I got there and started, that's when I saw all the mulched leaves that had been compressed over the years. There was also years of compressed pine needles. That job alone took well over 2 hours just to clean it all up. Anyway by the time I was all done, I was there just a little over 8 hours and used 65 paper leave bags. I was so ticked that I underestimated it but I did quote the lady a price and wasn't going to change it. I ended up getting her for lawn cutting also so I guess it all worked out in the end.

    Anyway...my question is....how do you all price out a spring clean up?. I generally look at the leaves and crap and then estimate my hourly rate. (I know next time to add in the paper bags...lol)My hourly rate is anywhere between $45 and $55. Does that sound reasonable. Any tips would really be helpful.

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    You will get better at it. Try not to ever sell yourself short. Not sure if your price was ok for your area but sounds ok. Next time you will know that a garden with mulched leaves will take longer. You will be able to kick your foot thru a garden and tell about how many years of leaves and pine needles are in the bed. Like I said you will get better at estimates. For now you may want to add an hour to your estimate so you dont sell yourself short.(not the greatest idea I know) Good luck!

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