Spring clean up question


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binghamton NY
I was approached by a county office to bid on maintaining 3 homes for the mentally/physically disabled. two of three had not had the grass cut since august of last fall. I estimate the grass to be about 10 inches tall when I stand it up. the problem is it's matted down from all the snow. how would you guys price the first mowing? triple pass it? bag it? It looks like a real mess. I want to get it cut before it smothers out other grass and then needs seeding. Normally I steer clear of these but county/state jobs are so nice around here w/ all the extra work you get like prunings and snow plowing


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Morgantown, WV
2.5X the normal cut rate and add a 30% high cut fee to that.Then add cleanup time and removal charges to dispose of the grass.


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I would estimate the time it took to do the job right and get my hourly rate + expenses.

Don't under estimate and walk every inch of the property for hidden dangers.

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