Spring Clean Up rate?

Davis Lawn Mowing LLC.

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Owosso, MI
I was just curious what some of you guys charge for spring/fall cleanups? I got an estimate to give tomorrow about lawn service and also a spring clean up. I was thinking of $30 per hour for the spring clean up. It just sounds like she wants some leaves raked from an Oak Tree. Does $30 per hour sound reasonable for a one man job? I remember my folks having a company do a spring clean up last year and the company sending to guys and billing us $120 for 2 hours of work so it appeared to be $30 per man hour.


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Whenever I do Spring Clean Ups, my customers usually have 2 or 3 other jobs that they want done also. I usually break it down by each of the jobs I need to do, then charge accordingly.



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Minneapolis, MN
I charge $90 flat rate for a 12,000 sqft lot (average size lot with 5-6 big, older trees in my neighborhood). Takes two guys with backpack blowers & a tarp for the backyard about 2 hrs. I've got a 16Hp loader on the dump trailer, that helps a lot.

My customers love not having to worry about me leaving bags behind. The other guy in my town charges less, but leaves 15-20 bags on the lawns, which kills the lawn! Bad for him - good for me!


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my rate is 50.00 per hour. Its just me. Have had a few people shy away, but for the most part havent had a problem yet. if it is just a cleanup they want and prefer to do the lawn mowing thereselves I get my monies worth.