Spring Clean Up Time!

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ECHOTURF, Feb 20, 2001.


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    OK folks....

    I just bought 12+K in equipment:
    -JD735 with a 60" deck
    -JD 140XL trimmer and a new trailer w/dove tail.

    Next on my list is:
    -Backpack blower - Shindaiwa
    -Used Rider with bagger
    -Edger....Stick! - Shindaiwa
    -Small 21" push mower w/ bagger - Any kind
    -Small dumping trailer for mower - Any kind

    Is this all I need for a spring-clean up? I assume I would need a rake, bags, trash stick pick'er upper thing and maybe a shovel...

    My local dealer told me to get a used rider to do the spring clean ups with.... I agree... BUT what is everyone else’s trick to a smooth spring clean up and do you aerate the same day or do before you start cutting??? I also tried e-mailing Scott's and can not seem to get an answer from them as to how I go about buying their products from other than say, Home Depot, Menard's... Ect. I really like Scott's approach to lawn maint. (OR) should I stay away from NON-Spray type fertilizers and pesticides???? I don't think I need a LIC. to spread granular fertilizers in WI, just spray type...

    Any Help on all this is MUCH appreciated.
  2. HOMER

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    You probably need a license to spread anything with a herbicide(weedkillers) Check with your county extension office-----------heavy fine if you get caught. We don't do spring cleanups here, they're already cleaned up so I could not advise you, I would get a bagger though cause it makes it a lot easier--------------I don't do much raking!
  3. bridges

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    I would skip the rider and get a bagging system for the jd.

    For rakes i would get craftman And a big 60 gal bucket from homedepot.

  4. Randy Scott

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    IDEALGREEN, welcome to lawnsite, this place has a ton of information to take in. I too live in Wisconsin, not real far from you, but anyways. You DO need a license to apply everything except a granular fertilizer( only fertilizer). That means any granular weed, insect, or disease control can NOT be applied without a license. That doesn't make for a good fert. program without doing all these as may be necessary. The information you need is available from the State Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection. That phone number is in the phone book. If you would like to e-mail me for more information, feel free to do so and I can get back to you with more info. There is a rather large study manual with a wealth of information that needs to be learned. Good luck and if you need something let me know.
  5. 65hoss

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    Spend the money on some type of bagging unit for the JD. Don't waste your money on a dedicated machine just for spring cleanups. When you do the cleanup it may be a little to early for aerating. Depends on your location. You just don't want to expose the roots and then have a cold snap or some snow.

    You will probably need some hedge trimmers soon also.

    Tricks, no tricks. Just blow all leaves out of flowerbeds, around fences, etc. Use the eXmark w/ ultra vac to suck everything up, trim, edge, cleanup, load, get money, go.
    If they have anything else specific then that also.

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    Thank you all for your help!!

    I checked into fertilizer applications for WI at http://datcp.state.wi.us/static/
    I found out that you are supposed to by a permit for $30.00 and track your usage. Anything over a ton of fertilizer a year and it will cost you 0.55 per ton. You do not need to get certified to handle fertilizers from what I read. We'll I don't think I have that many customers over ever will...! I would think that is more geared towards the farmer or very large commercial landscaping companies.

    As far as the pesticide application, you have to get a training manual ordered from the web site above and take a scheduled test. Some fees are there but nothing to get upset about.
    The next question I have is.... IS everyone using LIQUID or GRANULAR controls? Do the Co-op's handle these products or is everyone watching for sales at Home Depot or Menard's??? I don't even think the retail stores handle the liquid controls.....To me I would rather us granular but I bet the cost is higher now that I think about it!

    I contacted eXmark for a quote on the Ultravac systems, not sure if they work with my John Deere or not yet. A collection system for the JD runs $2000.00 so it's tempting to spend $600 on a used rider and bagger for now. The setup I plan on doing for cost reasons is get a used rider w/bagger...and small trailer for trash, leaves, bags ect. and my blower. I think this should do it for now until I get on these properties and fine-tune everything. I could use the rider w/bagger for small properties too if the commercial is overdoing it.

    OK....I'll stop talking for now and listen.....

    Again, thanks for all your help out there!!
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    Ideal Green, If you are intrested in buying a 60" MB power broom for the JDF725 and a snow blower also drop me a line, I used to own one and it was lost in a fire and now I have these two attachements that I cant use on anything else, the broom is great for spring cleanups and light snow, it has a new brush that only has less than one season on it and is in good condition, Let me know, I know that the distance is long but I can send pictures and take any reasonable offer. Let me know JasonSchmdt@AOL.com, C-ya Thanks

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    I'll keep that equipment in mind... This is the first year I'm at all this and in my fine tuning process for 2001 I may need to buy additional equipment... I have 3 large apartment's lined up already and plan on picking up a few more.
    I got lucky in my start-up because we manage for a large real estate company based out of Milwaukee, WI. Hopefully all goes well this year and I get more accounts and equipment to do the job!

    Just another quick question for everyone.... Does everyone go searching for properties or does word of mouth go a long way? I keep looking in the papers for county and state bid openings for power stations, water treatment plants ect. and haven't seen much brewing lately. I'm also considering an advertisement in the paper but I don't want to load up on small $30.00 residential jobs if I can help it....
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    Hey Rich-Michelle, welcome. I'm up 41 from you in Beautiful De Pere been doing lawns since 95. Its worth it to go thru the states certification program for commercial pesticide applicator. There is more money in fert than in mowing for sure. Its a lot of good info too.
    You are more anxious than I am with this spring clean stuff. We need to get above zero for a few days before I start thinking of that.
    Reinders is a good source for fert,pest and irrigation if you are into it. They are in Appleton also have a website.
    Word of mouth is big for me but you have to get established a little. Lots of new bus going up here too so I'm lookin to shelf some of the res for a mix of bus and res. Are you into complete care - snow too? Or is this a sider for ya? I personally have 2 full time jobs. We'll talk again. Good Luck.


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    Mow ED,

    Thanks for the response! I got enough info now to look into Fert. Application. I have the test manual sent out and hope to get that all wrapped up before spring. Is the test hard? I'm a pilot also and that test wasn't too bad, I should be able to handle this one too....?
    I mainly have commercial accounts now but plan on taking in a mix also. You'll see my ad in the Post Crescent for another month under the Business services section. Have you had any luck with newspapers?
    Also, any good ideas as to what sprayer I should attach to my JD. I have seen a few here and there for around $289 and up. Is 25 gallons enough for large apartments or am I going to be running to the watering hole every 15 minutes??
    I have lots and lots of questions....maybe we can go for coffee or flying sometime and chat about all this fun stuff!

    Tanks again!

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