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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rustyb265, Mar 27, 2006.

  1. rustyb265

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    I am just starting out in the business. I have just received my first all for a spring clean up and mowing through the season. The mowing I think I can price with no problem. I am not sure what to price the spring clean up at though. The yard is just about on the beach. I live on cape cod in Massachusetts. There are alot of small leaves on the ground and in the beds. Also the yard is very enclosed by the natural landscape. I will not be able to get my trailer in the driveway let alone get my walk behind in there to help bag leaves. I will have to blow, and do the rest by hand. Its about a half acre lot with a house on it. It looks like it needs alot of work. Any suggestions on price. I want to be sure not to under price. Dont want to work for free or make other companies look bad. Thanks for any help.
  2. EPIC

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    i look at about how many hours i think it would take and charge them $40 hr for myself if i have a friend helping then $25 hr for each other man depending on what your dump free is i would at least add it to it doesnt come out your profit. i my area it is $10 to dump a single axle so usally i just pay the $10 and always let them know u could be an hour less or more and if your less make sure u charge them an hour less . honesty like that will make u a repet customer
  3. CC Lawncare

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    Depends alot on what blower and vac equipment you have. For spring cleanups, I make sure that the customer understand that the "Estimate" is in addition to the cost of the mowing. We then blow everything that we can into the lawn area and then mow the grass with a GOOD shredding vac system. It is big time saver to do it this way. Don't be afraid to figure a decent hourly rate for "working smart and using good equipment". We rarely quote hourly rates to our customers, just price per job. It is fair for them and us. Hope my 2 cents helps!:)
  4. zim bob the landscaper

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    for spring clean up id say $35 per hour. also if u do trucking id say $10 per load even if its half full. if you are starting out id try to get as much money as possible and take your time to make it look good so other people will want u to do there lawn. good luck.:waving:
  5. rustyb265

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    Ok, I quoted the guy $250 for the clean up and $40 per mow. Havent heard from him yet. Getting a little nervous..........
  6. topsites

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    I guess the question is, did you price the cleanup correctly (translation: high enough)... If so, then it is possible you will not get this job.

    But let me warn you, don't price the cleanups low hoping to get the account. Another way to say it is: Price it as low as you want, so long you're comfortable knowing you can not count on the grass-cutting part of the deal.

    Right now is that time of the year: It's really too early still, but it's just warm enough and some of them know the new Lco is hungry but until the grass starts growing, without a sizzling HOT demand for our services, what comes along may be a little surprising.
  7. mcwlandscaping

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    Noticed your right over the border in MA, ive got a shredding billy goat vac for sale just to let you know, the one in my signiture. Good luck this year!
  8. rustyb265

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    Ok, so I heard back from the guy and got the job. He never even questioned the price a little! Just said "when can you do it?" Now I am wondering if I am priced too low!?!?! I need an asprin.

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