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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by woodie08, Feb 12, 2008.

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    how much do you charge? Whats the easiest way to pick up pine needles? do you go to the house your landscaping for once a week for spring clean up? Just like you would be for lawn maintaince? out side of fallen branches & leaves what else is there to clean up? Do ask to be paid before you start? I have an edger,blower,weed wacker,push mower with bagger,trailer,& 48" zt new. but I don't have the bagger yet its $2000.00 so im waiting for the fall for leaf pic up. and gets some cash to pay for it. most houses im looking to start my bussiness have about 1/3 acre to 1/2 acre.I had one guy charge 200.00 fall clean up on a 1/3 acre lots of trees, is that a good price? is pricing spring clean up to fall clean up charge diffrently? thank you for any imput you can give me woodie08
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    I charge cleanups on a per hour charge and extra if I have to haul debris away. I only do fall and spring clean ups for my own lawn customers. I charge about 30 hr. for these services. Others on here can give you a better formula on how to charge though. Like I said though, I make my money cutting lawns, these services are just provided to keep customers happy.
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    To soon for that.

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