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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by ghfire, Apr 5, 2008.

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    Got a call yesterday from some lady, she said she has three rental houses she wants cut this year. One needs a spring clean up. So i went to the houses to get some estimates together. First house ok no big deal in and out in 15 mins cut, trim and blow 30 bucks. Second house right next to the first house same thing 15 mins 30 bucks. Third house 1 street over 20 mins cut, trim blow 40 bucks, but this house needs the clean up. Took alook around, leaves in the beds and yard, a few small piles of sticks and branches. Never have done much clean up work but figure no big deal, about four hours of work. Went back home to write up the estimates got on this web site searched prices for fall clean ups. Got some advise and sent a bid for $255.00 thinking man this is way to high. No big deal if I get the job good if not Owell. Told her I would need half up front. Got a call from her today she said it sounds good to her and she would send a check for the full amount. Wow maybe I should have told her $300.00
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    If that four hours by yourself?
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    Just me and myself.

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