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spring clean up


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lyndhurst nj
im in the lyndhurst new jersey area, and i just wana know what u guys offer with ur spring clean ups. about how much u charge. also everything that u do for it ne help would be great


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Northern NJ
Before everyone starts jumping down your throat there is a box in the top left of the forum called search, try using that and you will get the info you are looking for.

Darryl G

I offer anything they want and charge as much as I can :p

It depends on the property. The basic service is just getting any leaves that may have blown into the beds or the corners, picking up the larger sticks and putting the bagger on and mowing. Some of the properties I service really don't get a spring cleanup, I just spend a few minutes extra on my first mow.

On other properties it includes removing any dead stalks and leaves from the flower beds, blowing and/or raking the entire turf area, possible dethatching, ferlizer, overseeding, new mulch in the beds, edging of the beds, etc. I usually charge hourly for all cleanups, spring and fall, because it can vary year to year. Saves me the time and effort of having to make a seperate trip to give an estimate and get it approved. Most of my customers are long-time regulars.


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Try mulching them in, as soon as the snow is gone.

Darryl G

What snow? I wish we had some. Just one plowable storm so far this season, they keep hitting south of us.

I generally don't mulch leaves in the spring. There's really nowhere for them to hide until the grass starts coming in and I try to get most of my cleanups done before then. In fact I do most of them without the mowers because the ground is still pretty soft.


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u can really go as wild or as simple as you want...standard inclusions around here are cutting perennials, ornamental grasses, and removing dead plant debris