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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by robert fling, Mar 5, 2002.

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    Well I think we can assume that many of us work in some very affluent areas. But that still doesn't account for that high of an hourly rate.

    That you are charging these rates only when using these big vaccums does make more since, however. Finally, there is a rational explaination to the high rate. But the original statement just said, "We charge anywhere from $75 - $95 dollars per hour for each man on the job. " which was very misleading, especially since the rest of the people on the thread were referring to normal clean-ups with hand-raking, etc.

    So what do you charge per man hour for clean-up work when there aren't big vaccums involved? (e.g. raking leaves, pulling weeds, etc....)
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    $45 give or take, Jim.

    Like I said earlier, $75- $95 is for the Fall leaf season and only using the big Toros and vacs with them.

    I hope that clairfies things.
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    When I saw "$75-$100 an hour" I got so exited that I immediately
    went to the "Post Reply" button. But now that I'm here, I don't
    know what to say. I'm speechless.
  4. I use this below at almost every job, plus 2 back pack blowers, truck, trailer, etc... 1 mower with vac one guy with 2 blowers per a truck. Keep a back up on each one.

    $75.00 a man hour T&M. Yes that's $75 a man hour for a blower. Why, because it is billed at $150 a man hour flat rate per a 2 man crew.

    When you show up to a job site with $100,000 in equipment, I can explain that to ever customer. In 3 years I have had one complaint on the price.



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    LAWNGODFATHER, how much do you figure it costs you per hour to run your Exmarks with the pecos? Please include replacement costs if you can. I am surprised at the Toros costing from $20-25 per hour. That would make Eric's Dixies pretty cheap to run.
  6. $17 an hour.

    Eric is comairing apples to oranges.
  7. $45 a man hour and up.

    BTW what is a "leaf rake"?
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    Guess I am not the only one who wants to make a dollar for what they do. I guess LGF and I are just taking our customers "to the cleaners".

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    LGF, I'm sure the big truck , the lazer and dixie with vacs, and the giant-vac were expensive, but did they didn't really cost $100,000 did they?

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