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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by sparcolawn, Feb 16, 2005.

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    what does your company do exactly for spring cleanups, like what does that include
  2. fga

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    1)we begin by thatching. then we clean up the thatch, blow piles of any remaining winter debris, like leaves. pick up and bag.
    then mow as rountine, edge, whack, etc... then fertilize appropriately.

    2)some houses don't get thatch /fertilizer. they are basically, blow piles of winter debris, mow as routine.

    3)some houses get thatched, but not fertilized.

    most are choice 1 though

    and as far as pricing, you have to atleast double the price of the monthly maintenance. say a house cost 100 a month ($25 a cut), claen up will run atleast $200. they may want seed, trimmiing, etc.
  3. Darryl G

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    What I do depends on what they want. It always includes picking up any fallen limbs, sticks, twigs, leaves from all turf and paved areas, including the curb.

    It usually includes removing any leaves and dead vegetation still left in the beds as well as cutting down ornamental grasses. It also includes removing any sand from the turf near the road to about 6 feet into the lawn. For those of you who don't get snow, the sand is applied to the roads by the Town and State road crews.

    Oh, and it may include fixing any damage to the lawn from snow plowing and removing driveway gravel from the lawn.

    I think that about covers it, but I'm probably missing a few things.

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