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I recently purchased a lawn maintenance company mid-year 1999 with 12 accounts. Some existing accounts and most of my newly acquired accounts want a "Spring Cleaning". What is involved and how do you charge for the "Spring Cleaning"? Is it including with their weekly cutting or is it an additional service?


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I don't know what the companies in the Chicago suburbs charge but you might want to call a few of your competitors and ask what they include in a spring cleaning. Up here in WI. my spring cleaning can include a number of things but usually it is blowing all leaves out from around the house, bushes and beds, picking up any large branches that may have fallen, and vacuuming up the debris with my Walker. Additional charges are for removal of debris to a compost site, or for other services that I offer such as dethatching, walk and drive edging, and gutter cleaning. It is exclusive of my weekly rates and is billed seperately. You have to know what the rate is for your part of the country, its not always an hourly thing as some of my jobs net 70 to 90 per hour but some are 45 per hour(for 1 person). A lot will come with experience as some yards are really messy (willow trees) and some are pretty clean. Try to find out what it costs you to run your equipment then add for profit. Good luck.


i charge all my clean ups buy the hour,i dont tell the costumer my hourly rate,i just do the job and charge like 55 to 65 hour,if they want the price up front i look at the area and just figure how long it will take and give them a price from there,<p>good luck Scott

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