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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mtnzone, Apr 22, 2008.

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    I do the obvious..

    Rake, dethatch, take out leaves out of plant area, pick up down tree limbs,fertilize, mulch and lime areas under and around acidic pine trees.

    My question is simple on distressed lawns. do you offer to seed in the spring and when do you do it.. when you fertilize or a couple of days afterward or before?? and if you do reseed how to do get it "down" into the areas that need it? do you just spread it and let nature take its course or do you go over the seed with rake to make sure some of it travels down to surface area??

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    First I am impressed with your spring cleanup it seems that you put alot of effort into your cleanup. You can seed in the spring but most here will not recommend it because of the competition with weeds. If you are going to explain to customer that they will not have as much success with seeding. Secondly you do not want use any kind of weed control/pre-emergent like dimension, barricade,pre-m.

    The only two products that I know that you can use while seeding is Tupersan and sudoron. They are both expensive though. Now on seeding use a slit seeder or power seeder depending on who you are talking to throwing out seed by hand or with broadcast spreader is putting out bird food.

  3. A-Land

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    I always ask if they have a problem with crabgrass. If they have a problem, then you really can't seed at that time and you need to wait for fall. (You can, but you need a pre-emergent that lets grass seed grow. They are expensive, and don't work as well as the regular stuff) If they don't have a problem with crabgrass, then just go with a general purpose fertilizer and you can seed. You have to make the call of what's more important, new seed, or preventing crabgrass. That varies by lawn and by situation.

    And I agree, that's a very long list for a spring clean-up! Are you de-thatching with a machine or are you doing a tine-rake dethatching?
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    thanks guys for props on my spring cleanup.. my customers seem to appreciate it, and they dont hesitate to pay for it. I figure a little extra goes a long way.

    As far as dethatching and what do I use.. Well it depends really.. Some folks and their yards really like the heavy tine raking. on others we use a dethatcher attached to our zero turn, and on other i have found that a heavy bristle brush power sweeper works mint. Found this out using it for getting pine needles and sand out of the grass and watched it really take out the dead thatch matter.

    So I guess to answer your question.. it depends..

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