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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by George777, Jan 21, 2001.

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    this will be my first season and excuess me if this question is ignorent. I would like to know what tech to use in spring when weeds are present on lawns? I was thinking that if I mulch I would be spreeding weed seeds and infest the lawn with weeds. Most of the lawns around my area are burmuda and zoysia.
    I have tried the search on this topic and could not find any answers. I thank you for your input.
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    ,,, is the one you dont ask.

    During times of heaviest growth we bag the clippings for aesthetic reasons.

    Yes, in my opinion you will be spreading those seeds, however this is why customers use fert programs. The other thing to remember is that by dispersing the clippings that over time you will be producing a healthier, thicker turfgrass environment for your customers and this thicker lawn will "choke" out most future weeds in time.

    Welcome aboard.
  3. George777

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    kutnkru, Thanks for input. It makes sense
  4. Mark

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    Kutnkru hit it right on the head. Youll find out that alot of your yds have co,such a chemlawn and greenup spray every month. Don't think youll have any problems ,if you see a dandeline here and there just pull it up and keep cutting, But if you have your license chemical, Try and get those jobs also. Marks Mowing Service
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    the best way to take care of the weeds is to prevent them from germinating in the first place by putting down a pre- emergent in the early spring. secondly you need to know what type of weed you are dealing with. there are different techniques for the different types of weed. For your broad leaf weed mowing will take care of them. For the smaller creeping weeds they require chemical agent mostly. But the best way to prevent the spreading of weeds is to have a health well maintain fertilize lawn
  6. beck

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    quick question on licenses. Do you need a license for both liquid chemicals and dry or granular?

    What office should i contact(im in Missouri) to find out more information on the subject?
  7. Here is a link to the Missouri Department of Ag. web site. This is to their Pest Management page. You should be able to find the information you are looking for there.


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