spring de thatching?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mdb landscaping, Mar 12, 2001.

  1. mdb landscaping

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    just curious. do you guys prefer to thatch first and use blowers to clean the yard up from sticks and leaves, or do you get all the sticks and leaves up and then go through and thatch and mow it up. i know you mow it last, but was wondering what the prefered time is to thatch?
  2. SodFather

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    I normally pick up the branches and leaves first, and yes I will use the blower and blow the out into the leaf vacuum. Then I will thatch and mow. I like to wait until the soil temp is around 55 degress before I Thatch. Below that you upset the balance. I dont use a thermometer to check it I just kinda guess.
  3. kutnkru

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    We only pick up the larger pieces of debris that might damage the machines. If it is smaller than 1/2in. diameter we shred it up w/ the machines.

    After we have run the machines across the lawn we will use steel tine rakes to remove the debris created form thatching.

    Good Luck this season!
  4. LScom Addict

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    I like to rake up the heaviest spots of debris and then bag the rest up with the mowers. I also like to use the largest plastic rake head possible. The spring tines would take too long in my opinion and and time is money.

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