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    Why does every one put down fert in the spring that has almost no slow release.

    Like all the fert listed on the thread about the price of fert being high.

    All the fert listed only has 20 to 25 % say xrt uflex or what ever product is added to the mix.

    So say what ever your putting down is 75 to 80 % urea.

    You don't want a big serge of growth so why all the stright urea.

    Why not just spread straight urea. That little bit of slow release is not going to do much.

    If you put down a half lbs of N thats only about a 10th of a lbs of slow release.

    I used to use liquid and we always used slow release in the spring.

    I know you need some straight urea to get a quick green up. Slow release takes to long to green up.

    Charles Cue

    CHARLES CUE LawnSite Silver Member
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    Just did the survey on lawn apps.

    About a 1/3 of us do 3 and 4 apps a small number do 2 apps.

    If you do 4 apps the odds are that the 4th one is a winter one.

    Don't you find that you run out of green on the first app till the 2nd one. Using the traditional pre app with mostly urea that don't last very long.

    Just fishen here nibble nibble

    Charles Cue

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