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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by jpmako, Mar 9, 2004.

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    I am just getting back into the business after making a big mistake (getting into Computers). I was stupid and went to school for Computer Programming about 3 Years ago. Since I was in school Full Time I had to dissolve my Lawncare/ Landscaping Business. What I should have done is hire someone to take care of my clients while I was in School. But NO I chose to believe that I would get a great job in computers, and never have to worry about Landscaping again. Well last year I decided to get back into it and picked up about 22 Lawns. Some of which were my old customers. Now I need to get more. Already this year I have gotten about 8 more, But would like to get approximately 25 more. Since my area is beyond saturated with LCO's I have to utilize some marketing strategies that I normally wouldn't use.
    Discounts to new customers, Referral Discounts ect. I hate to look like a scrub to fellow LCO's, actually I don't care. I need to generate alot of business this year, and I will do whatever is neccesary to get where I want to be. All that being said I am posting my Spring Specials Flyer. Before I get attacked I just want people to understand that I am not a Low Baller. I make it so that I am not losing money. If people ask me to apply discounts, I just usually raise the price to a level that Looks good to the customer with the discount, but I am still making money.
    Example Average Clean-up for me is around $250.00 I factor in the 10% discount and raise the price a little so that I am Still around $240.00- $250.00. Also This is my first year offering a refferal discount. I tell Current clients that for every person that they reffer to me, they will receive a $50.00 Certificate to be used towards any of our services. $50.00 sounds like alot but I offered this to one new customer who knows alot of people in the community, and in return I have picked up about 4 lawns on her street. Well worth it to me. Most of the people that she has reffered are getting clean-ups and regular Lawn Maintenance.
    Also I am putting these flyers wherever I want Customers. I see a lot of Nasty Calls from Fellow LCO's in my future.
    Here's what I have to say to them- Stop worrying about my Practices and concentrate on making your clients happy, then you will have nothing to worry about. If your clients are happy they most likely will not hire me!

    I guess I am hoping that someone will tell me what I am doing is okay?

    If anybody want's Copies of Flyers or Service agreements Please don't hesitate to ask.


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    sounds like you are giving away quite a bit, like your entire snow plowing income! Also, hopefully there are no large lots by you, because only $25 for any lawn is outrageous! Sounds like you are going a bit far to pick up lawns, and it may tarnish your image in my opinion. I would offer discounts to help grab attention, but this seems a bit too much in my opinion.
    What is the dire need for these coupons? I think if you need to make enough money to survive on, you are giving away way too much with these. JMO

    Good luck with them, and hope you get alll the clients you need!
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    I understand where you are coming from.
    Most of the areas that I am targeting are small lawns. I do Some lawns that are $45-$50 a cut. I don't think I am giving anything away. As I said I get what I want for the clean-ups, I think that These flyers will get the phone to ring, and that is my main objective. As far as the snowplowing It isn't free They think it is.
    Packages starting at $139.99 Includes Clean-ups, and Lawn Maintenance- Free Snow Plowing. $139.99 x 12 = $1680.00
    Figure my average clean-up $250.00 Spring and Fall = $500.00
    7 mos of Cutting x $100.00 Monthly = $700.00
    Total = $1200.00
    The difference is around $480 That is my Snow Plowing money.
    I only plan on ofering this to a few specific clients. They already use me for Snow Plowing, and I believe that they would like to use me for everything else as well. They think of it as an Insurance policy. They are getting 12 months of service, and they know that I am very reliable. Plus this offsets there initial investment.

    I appreciate your Input. I have seen alot of your advertizing on this site.

    Like I said I have not put any of these out yet. And I am working on my other flyers (No Coupons). One thing I definately don't want is a Tarnished Image. I don't want people too think I am cheap. But I want my phone to ring. All of my estimates are what I consider Fair Market Value. Obviously bigger lawns = More Money. These $25.00 Lawns take about 20 Minutes to cut and in some areas I have 4-5 on one street. My idea is to get more in these areas so as to reduce travel time.

    Thanks Again For Your Input

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    jp...I know how you feel. I got into lawncare, because I am employed in the computer field. I worked for a very large corporation out of Canada that was historically a phone company and got into networking. Due to questionable financial and management practices, I saw their stock go from $120 a share to $.50 a share in three years. When I got laid off, I ended up losing 33% of my pay, and having to supplement my income.

    Now, my goal is to go into this full time. I'm scared to cut loose right now due to the insurance, etc. and I'm still trying to build a name for myself...but it's coming....it's coming

    The main thing is to make sure you are making money, but I'm sure you know this. I don't see anything wrong with what you are doing. Gotta build the business. Start off low, then increase a little here and there.
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    GrassBlaster- I am sorry to hear about your job loss. Seems we are in the same boat. I agree that start up costs are very high, and you have to know that you are going to make it before you devote your "life" to any business. Good Luck this year, I know that this is going to be a good year because I keep telling myself that it has to be. The way I see it your mindset definately impacts your success in business. I am all GO this year. I am confident that with the right attitude, and mindset that I will get what I need to succeed. Good Luck and hang in there, Success will come.

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