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spring home shows

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South Central PA
I am going to be an exhibitor at an upcoming show in April. My company performs basic lawn maintenence. Mowing, trimming, edging, mulching, fertilizer and snow removal. No landscaping.

Some background on the show. Last year's attendance numbers were 43,000 over the two days. My target marketing group was well represented, ages 44-75 made up 61% of the attendees.

I want to have a registration/ door prize drawing of my own at the booth. That way I can gather essential data on prospective clients.( and weed out the bad ones)

My questions are:

What giveaway goodies do/would you giveaway?
Pens, pads of paper with company logo, etc.?

How would you set up your booths given the above info on my company?

If you were approached to give a door prize for the entire show amounting to $25 or more, what would you provide?
I had thought about giving away up to $50 of lawn service.

Any ideas that you Pros who have been there done that would be great. Also any pitfalls to avoid. Anything constructive welcome.

I used the search function and came up with some good ideas. I felt that with spring being right around the corner that there would be some fresh ideas.




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Cheyenne, WY
I thought of doing a show this year myself but I decided not to. This is my first year and couldn't swing the money to do it. I was going to have fliers explaining the services we offered. Same services as yours, including weed control, aerating, dethatching ect. I was also going to have a box for people to fill out a slip to register for a free aeration. On the slip I would have the question(with a box to check) if they were interested in any services. That way I would know if they were worth calling or not.

I did end up going to the show. Just didn't have a booth. I talked to a nother LCO there and she said it was kind of slow. There were alot of do it your selfers.

As far as your booth. Alot of the companies there had edging or small retaining walls( up to 2 1/2' feet high) with mulch, flowers or bushes in them. Pretty much the same thing I was going to do. Except, I was going to have grass in mine also. However, most of them were landscapers. The 3 Lawn Care companies that were there had fliers, one had an aerator and a bag of fert. Nothing to impressive though.

I am going to do one next year.

Good luck on your booth, and I hope I helped.


brian mon

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Yankton, SD
Did " Home Show" a couple years back for start up landscape co., had a parent co. that also did shows every year.and went all out on design. Big on water features, walls, pavers, lighting etc., so used advice from them.

What we did was have sign up sheet w/list of desired services, landscape, maintenance, turf care.

Then did something not to cool, but effective.

Had giveaway 1st-2nd & 3rd. Prize, used box with slips of paper for name address & phone# then used that as potential customer base-as well as first sign up sheet.

In other words..nobody won the drawing..it's just used to collect names. The parent Co. does this every year!! And has a very successful business w/huge customer base.
And if you think about it who's going to know, nobody won...

The best thing about Home Shows IMO, is it gets you out in front of a lot of people have plenty of flyers, cards, paper work about what you offer.and save some time for after the show to start making a lot of contacts!!


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Central NY
i am having a booth at our local business expo and i am in the same boat i have a lot of ideas but what would the best be.....I agree about the sign up for the door prizes but i would still give out gift certificates or something.
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