Spring Letter to Clients

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by JContracting, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. Rick Grantham

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    Why don't the good ideas ever come in the middle of the day :)

    I have been researching this topic quite a bit lately. May eventually put together a report on it. Anyway, during my research, I found these links on the subject (including Forbes Magazine) Do's and Don'ts, etc.


    Good luck to you
  2. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    My spring letters are auto renewals and say the same thing as my fall auto renewals said. Basically the intent on two mailings is to avoid customers saying "why are you on my lawn again, I didn't ask for any service and you didn't tell me you were coming back". Baloney

    At the bottom, I make a mention of a featured service or two that I really want to upsell. I do not price but rather advise to call me if interested in an estimate.
  3. JContracting

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    Would you mind sharing that DA?
    Also, I notice you now have an enclosed trailer in your sig, how do you like it? I'm looking into buying one of the same size. How is the fit with everything in it and do you have racks for handhelds?
  4. JContracting

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    Very interesting articles Rick. Thanks.
  5. KG26

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    I wish my customers prepaid that's a lot of scratch I'd be in good shape for the next winter season.
  6. 205mx

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    15% off!!! Holy cow!
  7. JContracting

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    Via my website I'm offering 20% off the first month's services on a full service landscape maint contract if they sign up by Apr 1st. That's as far as ill go with discounts. Maybe a discounted clean up or aeration but we'll see.
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  8. nightshutter

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    I discount a prepay for the season. They can prepay on anything for the season. Fert, mulch, clean ups whatever. It really helps bring in the business. Don't really notice the discount because it lands me more work with that customer and I don't have to bill as much. Money is in the bank already.

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