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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by SchultzLawnCare, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. SchultzLawnCare

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    What do you think, I enjoy your feed back

    Its in a word doccument...

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  2. 1MajorTom

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    Lose the amount of customers you have. Nobody needs to know that.
    Myself is one word.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Who is the letter for? New customers or returning ones? I really wasn't sure by reading it.

    Also lose the part where you said something about 'consider myself to be professional' That just sounds like some people think of you otherwise!

    IRRIG8TION LawnSite Member
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    I am going to be very honest. Now I have a Bachelors in Business Arts, As well as a Masters in Engineering Science.

    I have written and seen written more letter during college than I ever want to see again. My advice is start over or get some help. It reads at about freshman high level letter in English Lit 101. Just my 2cents

    If you listed all of the relevant info you needed in the letter, I can type a proof up for you in a few minutes.

    Where is your logo?

  5. rmmllc

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    try tightwadmarketing.com- might give you some ideas.

    you are trying to sell commodities (the work you do) they want to buy services (the result you give them). Sell them results, not just list the services. Let them know how they will benefit, what results can they expect.

    I second losing the number of clients. You are trying to be professional, which is good, but also try to be personable. Also, don't give too much info (I'm guilty of this many times). I think I can educate them into buying when all I have to do is ask for the sale and move on (whether they say yes or no).
    I'm no expert, just my opinions. Glad to see you trying to retain clients- best and cheapest way to get customers, keep the profitable ones from last year (I actually raise the prices of my pain in the butt clients trying to lose them from one year to the next, and they either pay me to put up with them, or I am free of them- either way I'm ok with it). Do follow up with a phone call- many will be to busy to call you, or may forget, so good move.
  6. ACA L&L

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    Its a start, but you have to keep it somewhat short simple and sweet. If it doesnt flow fast they will get tired of re reading sentences. If these are returning weekly customers you want to send out a reminder that you are starting your spring lawn prep in a few weeks. (we secure all of our weekly lawn customers in the fall for aeration and or power raking as well as if they plan on returning or not) This letter should be a reminder that you are going to start on such and such date. With only 21 customers why dont you just call them or stop by? Add the personal touch, makes a diffrence when Mr Johnson is staring right at ya trying to say "nah i think we'll pass on the aeration this year".

    In a nut shell you want to make it as easy on you and your customer, we mow lawns but the real money is in the extras, aeration, poweraking, cleanups,pruning, fert, spraying whatever the case may be.

    Dont try to sound like a salesman, just be the lawn guy with all the right answers. If ya like i have a more than a few letters that we use from time to time for diffrent things like spring start up and so forth. I am not a college grad but i attended college for 5 years while I played football, mlol. All 5 of my sisters and brothers have that nice little piece of paper that says they are smarter than me but not wealthier by any means, one word(maybe 2)................ student loans.
  7. wintergreenlawn&landscape

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    Dont show the customers your yearly game plan. I like to keep them in suspense. If you show them a detailed schedule, they're going to hold you to it. You may be limiting your income potential.
  8. yardmanlee

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    ..... and try to get everything on 1 page, agrees with not letting them know your schedule, if its new customers your targeting, just list the services you provide, also one of your biggest service you provide to the customer will free time !!! for them to enjoy their weekends without having to worry about their lawn

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