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    Here is a draft of my spring letter. Tell me what you think. The blanks are just to show that each letter would have different info based on the customer.

    Ohio Green Works LLC
    8604 Lytle Ferry Rd
    Waynesville, OH 45068
    Cell: 937-608-0732
    Fax: 513-855-1147

    Dear _____

    We hope this letter finds you doing well and that you have had a safe and enjoyable winter. We have enjoyed all the snow but are looking forward to the change in season! With spring quickly approaching, we wanted to contact you and let you know of our plans for this year. Since you were part of our fall clean-up discount program, you have earned a credit of $___ to be split evenly between your first 3 invoices. Our expected start date for mowing, weather permitting, is going to be April 1st. Last year, we serviced your property for $__ per cut. Your price will be the same this year, billed weekly. One change we are making this year will be our scheduling. We will have a strict weekly schedule, servicing your property on the same day every week. Of course, our schedule will be weather permitting as we all are familiar with Dayton, Ohio weather! Last year, we serviced your property on___ and will plan on that unless we hear differently from you. As a returning customer, we give you the opportunity to be added to our route first before all of the new customers.

    We would also like to let you know about our other services that we will be offering this year. Spring clean-up and mulch installation are at the top of the list for the spring season. We can also deliver mulch at a great price if you would rather install it yourself. Throughout the year we offer bobcat work, light hauling, and landscaping services. In the fall, we will be doing leaf clean-up and also firewood sales, which will be new for this year. As always, as this year winds down and snow and ice become possible again, we can provide 24 hour snow removal and salting services.

    We thank you for choosing us and giving us the opportunity to serve you. If you have any questions please feel free to call or email us anytime. We look forward to serving you and having a great 2010 season!

    Drew Parramore and Todd George
    Ohio Green Works LLC
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    Good letter and pretty similar to mine. I would include something in there about the price of gas though and what will happen if it goes up.

    I told all of mine that if gas went above $3.25 a gallon that there would be a fuel surcharge of $7.50 on their monthly invoice.
  3. HARRIS Property Management

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    Why do you need to give a discount to an existing customer? Just for staying with you another year?
  4. ohiogreenworks

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    Not a bad idea about the gas prices...

    We offered a fall cleanup discount program last year. If they did a fall cleanup and signed up for the 2010 season, they would get 50% of their cleanup price back on their first invoices of 2010. Not offering discounts to everyone just the ones that did that fall program.
  5. IN2MOWN

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    re: cleanups, I dont ask my customers if they want them done. Its included in having us take care of their property. I do send an early fall letter out though letting them know when cleanups will start.
  6. ohiogreenworks

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    Yea we do the same thing. Or do a total cleanup for a certain price. Sorry if I made it confusing, the people that are getting the discount and signed up for last year's cleanup were brand new customers to us last year. We did the clean up and some mowing for them in the fall with the promise of the discount to be given this season if they signed up with us for this year.

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