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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by EquityGreen, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. EquityGreen

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    I love answering the phone. I can judge who is who and see if they are tire kicker or they actually want a quality service. I made my living in this field on the phone before I started my company. We're all educated and that's what you have to do for your clients. The more they know the easier your job will become.
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  2. Cadzilla

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    Give a small discount if they email you first contact. I think efficiency is right again. That many calls is going to require several people at least I would imagine.
  3. Efficiency

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    I think you missed my point. I love closing on the phone. But, its a large time investment. How many people are you going to have staffing your phones? You're definitely gonna need more than just you answering phones. Grandview glad that works for you.
  4. EquityGreen

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    It would be only me. What if I space the mailers out more instead of one heavy drop.
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  5. Cadzilla

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    You are thinking of one mailing of 100,000 pieces all at once? Consider multiple mailings to same routes and stagger everything. You're looking at a six week mailing window more than likely, like most of us in seasonal areas so spread it out over time. This will make it easier on you to handle and should increase response by putting your piece in front of a home owner more than once.

    Then next year do the same thing in the same neighborhoods/carrier routes.
  6. grandview (2006)

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    EDDM I think has a 5k limit per day. That's why I said about 20 mailing going out. I did 5k and did1k per week this way each mailing had a week to look at them call and setup an appointment before the next group went out.
  7. GaryBK

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    Reply cards have gone the way of the do-do bird. What people want now is a website address. We are finding that a lot of people are emailing from our website. We even sign them up via email exchange. I would never have guessed we would be doing that 3 years ago. Also all of our flyers say "offer valid for new customers only".
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