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    Below is what I'll be charging and my cost let me know what ya think.

    Lawn Rolling- $45hr

    Over-seeding- $35hr +$___ for seed

    Dethaching - $45hr

    Aerating -$45hr+$____ + rental

    Mulch -$50 delivery+$_____mulch+$20*____hr labour or $20 per yrd

    Tilling -Tractor $65hr - Little tiller $30hr

    Sod $3.50 a roll 80pcs min. under 80pcs $4.00 a roll

    New lawn seeding Depending on job-Seed price+which tractor used. $50hr for the kubota 1550-$80hr for the kubota 5030

    Hourly Costs

    $25hr Truck, trailer, tractor and implement rental
    $2hr fuel for truck
    $2.50hr fuel for tractor
    $29.50hr total cost.
    $$15.5hr profit.

    I plan on giving estimates by the job not the hour. I will charge 1hr min. on over seeding, rolling etc. I should be able to get my profit up on the smaller jobs that I'm going after in town.Small properties that I can do in less then an hour should boost the bottom line. Driving distance should be less 200km a day.
  2. cuttinjoe

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    Just as I fell asleep last night I realized that I had put in the wrong $$ for the truck rental. The price is $20hr not 25. That brings the profit total up to $20.05hr.
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    So I screwed myself out of a few $$ yesterday. The rental price for the equipment is $20hr. The boss and I hammered out that deal the other day. I was going to pay him from when I left the yard till I got back. Well yesterday I told him Id pay him by the hours I charge for. :hammerhead: :hammerhead: I knew I screwed up when he said "that would work out alot better for me" :dizzy: Oh well still a hell of a deal.

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