Spring Revival Tips?

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by snmhanson, Feb 28, 2005.

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    I put in our lawn which is ~20,000 sf of rye/blue/fescue mix last summer. It had some nice grass for a while but then went through some turmoil with diseases and over-watering. With the nice weather we've had in the NW it has started greening up a little and is very slowly starting to grow again. It is still a little patchy and matted in areas but looking better by the day. The last thing I did in November was to put a winter fertilizer on it. Now I am wondering what I should throw at it to help it thrive this year and when I should do it. Technically we have a good month until the weather really starts changing but I am thinking we will probably have a mild March. I would rather go overboard than try to get by with the minimum so I am thinking of putting on a general fungicide and insecticide, a good spring fertilizer, running a roller over it to smooth the winter bumps out, and filling in the depressions that appeared where the irrigation pipes are. I would be open to doing ANYTHING ELSE that will help me achieve a trophy lawn. Should I use weed&feed or a turf builder product in addition to the other products I mentioned? Will the stuff I can get a Home Depot do the job? If not what should I use? In terms of fungicide and insecticide I found some Scotts granular stuff, will that work well or should I use something else, possibly in liquid form? Any help or advice that anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help.


    edit: I sould add that I use a Kubota B7800 tractor with a mid-mount mower to mow the grass. It weighs close to 3000 lbs but I have pretty wide turf tires on it to disperse the load. The quality of the cut is good in my eyes but I am not sure if it is too heavy and could be having detrimental effects on our lawn. If anyone has any insight into that I would appreciate it as well.
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    You can put pre em down in late March (depending on temp) or april. Do a soil test to see what your lawn is lacking before fertilizing. Too much or too little N can be harmful for the lawn. When your soil test comes back it should tell you what you need to put down and at what rate. The test will probly run you $15-$20.
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    Is there still a problem with disease?

    I think you should have someone come out.. give you an analysis and take it from there. You don't want to put down stuff unnecessarily. Good luck!

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