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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Evan528, Apr 18, 2004.

  1. Evan528

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    How do you guys handle the spring rush? For about the next 2.5 months we are so over loaded with mulching and landscape installs that theres not enough hours in the week. I currently have 2 full time employees. With as much work as we have untill the end of June I have enough work for about 4 employees. My problem is that come mid july things go back to normal and 2 employees is plenty to ge all the work completed. Im curious as to how other companys manage this problem? Its very easy to say "oh just hire more guys for the time being". Not that easy....I do have a heart and hate to lay guys off mid year who are depending on me to support there family. teenagers in this are are not an option......they are to spoiled by mommy and daddy to even consider doing a day of hard work. As the landscape design/install side of my business continues to flurish every spring is getting tougher and tougher to get so much work done in a 2 month window.
  2. Dman1214

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    offer discounts to customers that will agree to delay the project. This will acomplish 2 things, 1st you won't be forced tp hire more workers temporarily and 2nd you will have work scheduled in the slower summer months.
  3. Avery

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    I say "No" a lot to jobs that are small/non-profitable. We are way backed up.
  4. Evan528

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    All of these jobs are for my fulltime landscape maintnance clients so saying no is not an option. Many of them are large day long jobs. I am trying to set aside one day a week (saturday) to do all of the small 200-400 dollar jobs and get them out of the way. I do have a Toro Dingo on order....hopefull that will speed us up considerably.
  5. DFW Area Landscaper

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    I've got the same problem. I too am concerned that as soon as the "spring fever" wears off with home owners, the non-recurring work will dry up to nothing.

    Here's a thread I posted earlier on the subject:


    I'm gonna go til May first and see how busy my days look at that point. If I'm still looking busy, I'm buying another pickup and hiring a driver. But right now, my forecasted mowing and weed/fert revenues would barely be enough to break even with another employee on the payroll. So far this year, 39% of my revenues have come from services other than mowing & fert/weed apps.

    DFW Area Landscaper
  6. Turfdude

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    Evan, I feel your pain! We have 2 maint crews, 1 mulch and landscape crew and my lawn care mgr. 1 of the maint crews is 2 man everyday, the second is 2 man for Mon-wed & 3 man Thurs & Fri. I take 2 guys w/ me M0n-WEd, then let one do manit Thurs & Friday. I also have a p/t guy that Works all day Tues & Thurs. WE have so much work w/ my regular clients that I don't know how to do it all either. I'd like to consider labor ready for temp help, but many jobs I only need 2-3 guys for, and I only have but 4 trucks & 4 drivers. 4 of my employees have NO license (man does this suck $ me) and to cap it off, I have jury duty this Wednesday ( I hope they don't call my #). If you're in the position for temp help, you could try labor ready.
    Good luck, & I hope the dingo does U well. I just picked up a good used ryan sod cutter to help me w/ a lot of smaller jobs.
  7. Evermow

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    I'm still pretty small-time, so when I need help with somthing bigger than normal (sodding, big brush-clearing jobs), I go to The Home Depot and get a couple of Mexicans for the day. I know they are here illegally, but if you stay with them while they are working, they work like crazy. They aren't cheap, whick seems to be the common misconseption. For a full days hard work (eight to ten hours), I pay them eighty to one hundred dollars, plus I get them breakfast and lunch, somtimes dinner when we work late enough, plus I buy them each a six-pack of whatever beer they want on the way home. I've been doing this for a while whenever I need help. I agree that most teenagers are increadably lazy. I tried to get my wife's little brother to help me a couple of times, but he sucked. I would give him somthing to do, ten minuits later, he was sitting down talking on his cell phone. I don't know what happened to young people.
  8. grass_cuttin_fool

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    I work solo and I try to schedule mulch jobs in feb or march before mowing, but I know alot of people dont think about doing something outside till the weather gets nice. When I did use some help, A good worker never shows up the 2nd day and a bad worker will worry the p**s out of ya for work every day.
  9. mrusk

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    I always laugh when i read stuff about teenagers being lazy. I am 17 and any of you guys would die for a worker like me. I am not ready to go full time in lawncare yet because i am out learning other trades that will help me in the future. Right now i am working with a general contractor. I had spring break this week. I worked a total of 72 hours this week. I blew the guy away. He told me i was crazy. He never had any worker that was even half as ambitious and hardworking as me. He did not make me work that long, i worked that long because i wanted to.

    I don't know any other kid who is hardworking.

  10. selnoil

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    Have you tried a temp agency?? You can get good workers thru them and if you get a bad one send em home and get another. You pay the agency and they worry about the comp and other issues. You can get 1 guy one day or 6 the next if you need them. The agency we've got in town is great. Once they got to know the kind of guys we wanted we've never had a problem. Team the temp guy or guys up with your full time guy and you've got another crew.

    Just an idea. We've used them for many different kinds of projects and had good luck. Just depends on how much you trust your full time guy to run a job.


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