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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Efficiency, Mar 10, 2013.

  1. rcreech

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    We do all our pricing over the phone with go I lawn or find lot size

    If they r interested we will visit if needed but don't really want to

    If seeding then we do a visit for sure. No seeding is the same
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  2. inzane

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    I've been getting more calls this year, alot for me anyways. I had 15 estimates to do this past week, 2 or 3 were out of my area and I still have a few I gotta meet with next week. What is a good window of time to give someone to be out to do an estimate? Being a newer business with few customers it used to be easy to get out within 2-3 days, but with everything going on 2 to 3 days isn't realistic right now when they are a little spread out. I try to work them in with my regular mowing route. I think i'm gonna start measuring online and trying the online quote thing. kinda nervous about that though, for those of you who use that method whats your process like? I have some where i can't tell whats in the backyard from the images. I usually use bingmaps though, is there something better or is it all essentially from the same satellite imagery??
  3. Efficiency

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    I think you have my email? Send me a message and ill share if you want.
    It turned into our best week so far w 92 new program sales plus extras im not tracking right now.
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  4. Cadzilla

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    Got off to a slow start but finalized a forever school contract this week, 35 acres and a golf course fungi/fert program greens only and a few big 3 acre resis with a dozen half acre deals.

    Have 10 seeding jobs sold.

    Cancels are way down too. less than 5%. Usually it's around 10.

    Weather sucks here which is fine by me. It's nice after a hurry up season like last year when you were behind on day one.

    I've surpased my goal for this year and really we are just getting going. All referrals and networked sales.
  5. humble1

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    I dont get on here much, but thought Larry from American Lawn would have chimmed in on this one, is he still on here?
  6. lawntennis

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    rcreech and efficiency you both seem to be doing well with new sales and I know from other posts you both are real green users. Are you using their marketing tools and methods. I was surprised to hear rcreech mention goilawn. Why dont you used measurement assistant with real green? I am about ready to pull the trigger with real green but could use your input.
  7. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Sales/estimate season here is starting out SLLOOOWWW. Weather is the major culprit, just too cold out folks aren't in the spring mindset yet. I am getting daily calls and e-mails and have a list of estimates to do, now that the snow cover is finally gone.

    What I fear is that sales and production are all going to melt into one this season, and since I do both, its going to be crazy at some point trying to sneak estimates between, before, or after jobs.
  8. FdLLawnMan

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    DA, you have got to start using some sort of onlineeasuting tool or you will drive yourself ragged. I have found no difference in closing sales if I visit the site or measure it online.
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  9. Efficiency

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    Not sure what their tools are or what their methods are really. We do get our invoice forms from them and have some of our posting signs from them too. I do know we couldnt do what we do without their software running our office. If you want to grow your fert business, you have to have this software. If you buy, PM me your info and I will share my contact info with you & share their referral bonus with you.

    We also use goilawn. We have two of their unlimited licenses. Real green puts a 250? home per day cap on their unlimited licenses. There are many days when that would not be enough for us. Plus, I dont like to have a guy logged into SA just to be on MA. With GIL, we only have to have an internet browser to use their application.
  10. rcreech

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    Real Green is awesome!!!!!

    No brainier IMO

    We don't use their marketing side but from the side of running the business and upsellinf it pays for itself over and over

    Love it!!!!!
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